1st Gaki vs Tenso

off :unsure:

Works fine now. I think sometimes the video doesnt come up, when Veoh is doing maintance. Should be fine now. Enjoy.

Hm, these also don't work for me, but I found them on Veoh:
(Episode #788, #789, #790)

Here's the videos in Pandora & Megaupload.







can anyone get me english sub for this. kinda sad that these game serries doesn't have sub. only the long duration batsu games. thanks you

Thanks for the upload 8)
thanks for the links!

would love some subs for the rapping lol
Something´s wrong with the MU files, when i tried to d/l them i get like 2,6 kb/s d/l speed and at like 65,9 kb ends and says download complete... and these are the only files that give me that kind of...¿error? Everything else i download from there does it normally...

Edit: nvm, looks like its an error from MU servers...
thanks a lot for the upload.
Ahh this is so good! Thank you again SpikeBender!

...I loved Tanaka's rap! :rofl:
These people are very crazy... :rofl: Very funny games 10 points