Early Gaki vs Tenso: a comedian's pride

I found those two videos, but I can't assign them to any episodes. They have to imitate something, but if their comedian's pride is broken, they push the button.

Part 1
Tanaka vs. Miyasako: Steam Train
Yamasaki vs. Hanako (I guess): Anger
Hamada vs. Tomoharu: Popcorn
Endo vs. Hiroshi: Gay's Struggle
Matsumoto vs. Hotohara: Takamisakari

Part 2
Yamasaki: Kazu Dance (soccer goal dance)
Endo: Drunk Monkey (Kung-Fu)
Miyasako: Frill-necked Lizard
Tanaka: A washing machine
Hotohara: Kid crying in toy shop
Matsumoto: An elephant

Thanks :D
Can you post the megaupload links please. I can't access Megavideo because my ISP blocked everything :blink:

I am pretty sure I have the full episode to the first clip (which is actually the first Oogiri Daigassen), but currently I can't find it. However, the second one is from Oogiri Daigassen #14 from 01.11.04.
May you re-upload, plesae? the links are dead ;(