World Downtown - Complete Series [MEGA]

I got all the episodes, organized them, changed formats where necessary, and uploaded to MEGA, so that anyone can grab it quickly. Enjoy :)
Subbed by FlydayChinatown.

Download from (MEGA) :

World Downtown 1.avi (71.6 MB) -!XZgmzA4L!Agt1BWrY6 ... 2A3vAwjxNU
World Downtown 2.avi (80.0 MB) -!HIxiEYYL!dcF8KxPKW ... YayBYPqddE
World Downtown 3.avi (78.4 MB) -!Lcp3mIYY!HzeWsmbOW ... PA0fUqb3-4
World Downtown 4.avi (78.0 MB) -!3B5BnRQL!U8pnyEpW7 ... Dz1c8psrfg
World Downtown 5.avi (85.1 MB) -!jM5yVayS!DjuZqFSNU ... lCvLHtbylc
World Downtown 6.avi (105.0 MB) -!jdoE2bJT!Aq0kRAAlV ... 4bE0U803WI
World Downtown 7.avi (116.7 MB) -!DdJCAK6a!VF9omHL6r ... hifh1C9TnQ
World Downtown 8.avi (100.1 MB) -!eIxFgaBS!E91HVHKQZ ... B-tBNYEfGI
World Downtown 9.avi (96.5 MB) -!3NRWkIpZ!ZaRClWfyb ... _VKIhwG_j8
World Downtown 10.avi (96.1 MB) -!qJplTJpY!GiohnWm6Q ... gKKxIyJ7Ds
World Downtown 11.avi (101.5 MB) -!HdplDSwB!SFSpLV6I2 ... xMDyKTtSjQ
World Downtown 12.avi (100.5 MB) -!fVhC3IKB!ezfh9CyBJ ... -OWGl6lz5Y
World Downtown 13.avi (100.6 MB) -!uEpXQDRD!EOqGz3fcn ... oBA0nvv_yI
World Downtown 14.avi (102.4 MB) -!rAwiQRZb!CaLBTl2g- ... w1UXpZlJ5U
World Downtown 15.avi (83.3 MB) -!nUJH3YCQ!XupaOFTES ... h4qi-UXiJ8
World Downtown 16.avi (106.0 MB) -!SQ5GVLpL!XR7m-ylfN ... 0UrmYoNB4Q
World Downtown 17.avi (98.4 MB) -!yAQgQJYQ!JIprVD9mP ... rRknQwnj5w
World Downtown 18.avi (102.2 MB) -!zBRhARKb!eFIzhHcie ... X_D9hu7dC4
World Downtown 19.avi (81.4 MB) -!qIYD2aoY!YMsTsgGRN ... GKuCjCcr1o
World Downtown 20.avi (102.9 MB) -!jEZTGDIQ!frVY8U69U ... aYRUn_BkYA
World Downtown 21.avi (96.4 MB) -!rNp3HApL!DA4i7xShZ ... 2XxsuUzzvo
World Downtown 22.avi (102.8 MB) -!XBI0UJLJ!LCE-OnpNv ... qi6HBH5QnI
Amazing, thank you !!!
Excellent! :)
I know nothing about this series, but I'm grabbing the lot to watch. Thank you for sorting all the files out :)
Ah brilliant I hadn't heard of these. I'm looking forward to watching, downloaded the first and had a quick look, I think I will enjoy these thank you for uploading.
Its amazing that Hamada didn't start to beat them up.
Thank you Fengson for the upload and thank you FlydayChinatown for the subtitles, I greatly appreciate it. :D :D :D
It seems so weird seeing Hosei being serious with a gun and stuff.. :D
Fengson wrote:
It seems so weird seeing Hosei being serious with a gun and stuff.. :D

Wrong thread.. :rofl: This is World Downtown download thread. Please post here instead:
Wow, how did you catch that, I'll never know, thanks! :D
The problem is, I had too many GnT tabs opened, as I was reading news and stuff.. :)
This series is good, tought everyone were serious during an episode. :D
Links are all dead, please re-up them :bow: