Downtown Kazaana - The Very Best Of Special '96

A late night variety show hosted by Downtown which ran from May 9, 1995 - March 30, 1996. Each episode had the regular cast partake in different challenges and contests (sometimes with a batsu for the loser) or trying out learning something new (such as rollerblading). Cast included: Yamasaki Hōsei, Itao Itsuji, Koji Higashino, Koji Imada, Kimura Yuichi, Takahiro Kurano, Fujiwara Mitsuhiro & Toru Mizuno. Jimmy Onishi and others also appeared.
Downtown Kazaana (かざあなダウンタウン) was a show that ran during 1995 - 1996 with Downtown as hosts giving the other cast members challenges.


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The first 26 minutes is a group talk. Then theres a rundown of highlights from different challenges/games and punishments including a speed slapping game, trying to stop a falling basin as close to their head as possible, shooting a high-powered jet of water into their mouth etc. Then at about 49 minutes in is a rundown of skits/segments from past shows. This includes at Number 4 the "Waking up the Cast" segment previously found floating around Youtube and kindly SUBBED by Zurui here: ... -game.html

Thanks to Giffan, here is a description of one of the talks:
At 16:15 Matsumoto is asked who besides Hamada would he choose as a comedy partner, and his answer was Yamasaki. Past that, Matsumoto chooses the rest in order. He calls Kimura "scary" and they start imitating him. I think he also says it's hard to imagine Itao as his tsukkomi.
This is amazing! Thanks alot :)