Ep #07 95.06.20 - Magic Acts & Glasses Flinging

A late night variety show hosted by Downtown which ran from May 9, 1995 - March 30, 1996. Each episode had the regular cast partake in different challenges and contests (sometimes with a batsu for the loser) or trying out learning something new (such as rollerblading). Cast included: Yamasaki Hōsei, Itao Itsuji, Koji Higashino, Koji Imada, Kimura Yuichi, Takahiro Kurano, Fujiwara Mitsuhiro & Toru Mizuno. Jimmy Onishi and others also appeared.

Let's Learn
How to do a magic act.

Let's Try
The cast work in pairs to see how far they can fling the glasses their teammate is wearing (expect a lot of incidental face slapping!).

MEGA Download

Higher quality video for the part where Mr Masahiro Yoshimoto is demonstrating how to do a magic act:


Mediafire backup: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ujriq254ufq0kc7
This thread was previously "Downtown Kazaana - Mr Masahiro Magician Guest". I've updated it with the full episode the Mr Masahiro demonstration clip came from.