Kiki Non-Alcohol Beer by TofuPandaSubs

Happy Smile's Day for us! I want to thank you all for giving wonderful supports as much. We are motivated and inspired to work hard and sub more kiki episodes for everyone. Please enjoy and share it with everyone. :clap:

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You made my day, thank you very much.
Finally a new Kiki! :o
This is wonderful, thanks!
Thank you guys, this made my friday!
That was super funny :D
Don't wanna be picky, but a small sugestion - please consider reviewing the thumbnails in screenshot in order to hide the results of the Kiki game :)
Thanks again!
LMAO! this one was good, not that funny than the others ones...specially the oldest eps. Thank you very much for subbing this for us :clap: :bow:

BTW your signature gif it's pretty funny!!!
I appreciate your time and effort you put into subbing this episode. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
would you mind give me the .ass file?