I don't post much anymore; but was roused from hibernation by this situation. Ernie, you have provided years of content to this site. The fellow fans and myself are thankful for all the work you have done over the years. That being said, why are you letting someone random on reddit affect you this w...
Ernie, is this the first episode of a series or is it just a special?
Ernie, the should be an episode coming shortly of the Degewa show, where he rides with Egashira 2:50. Can you please upload it? Im a big fan of Ega-chan.

Ernie, thank you so much for uploading all of these. Do they still rebroadcast the series? Is the a possibility to see earlier episodes?
Hi Ernie, do you have any more of HNT?
Unrelated, I just finished watching the Second Season of Matsumoto's Documental. Was really nice seeing a bunch of the Ametalk regulars there.
Hello, does any one have any episodes of Black Mayonaise's Peko Nadesiko Gourmet? I
Ernie, if possible, please upload them. It is a great show that didn't get enough love.
Ernie, can you add God Tongue to your weekly downloads in the future? I am a fan of the show, especially their singing specials.
Can I get an invite as well?
Ernie, do you have any other of these specials?
Hi Ernie, can you please extend the Expiration time for ame ta-lk 2017.10.12 - GOLDEN Extra Innings.

There was a field day special last year tiger. From what I heard, they will continue to do specials.
Happy B-day Queen!