Thanks a lot, sir.
haha, but still would look pretty good 8)
the whole website in flash, would be very beautiful, with the colors black blue and pink or dark pink or purple featured.
yeah, be strong man, and never give up, i'll be waiting for your great job, greetings from Pernambuco!
bom trabalho, cara mas voce traduz sozinho, voce fala entende ingles fluentemente, ou joga tudo no google translate? anyway, thanks for the help, and if the work is good, just keep up!
you mean, all the japanese girls get busy wathcing some kind of show? that's a little bit crazy... and do you speak japanese fluently? could you give me your msn or facebook please?
Hi fellas, simply i just love japan, and i wanna live there as well, i'm just looking around here for get friendship and some japanese girls :D