Gonna make this thread active again. 8)

Thor 2. I like it better than the first.

4 Disney movies in one day (Tangled, Brave, Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast). All movies will have one review and that's filling my head with unrealistic views of romance for 3 days (except Brave).
Yay! Contributing this pic I took of the flag that was placed at every block when I was in Kamata, instagram style!

Awesome!! Too bad, I didn't get to meet any gaki members during my stay in Japan but obviously you had better luck. Would have liked to see a pic though. I love Tanaka~ :mm:
saan ka sa pinas?
yup, filipina ako
erhan thanked him for me so we`ll leave it at that ;)

and i can be nice too
kamusta =)
Omg. I'm sorry for being late on the party bus D:

Thank you all <3
The Hobbit. So awesome I'm watching it again tonight. 8)
*cracks knuckles* Bring on the endless sub demands. I am ready ]:)
Dark Knight Rises (uh, twice) - aside from my blatant love for Tom Hardy's Bane, this movie is great. I would say my review is quite similar to Ezo's above.

Ted - funny and recommended for any Family Guy fans
if you look at the link i posted and read it properly, you can see that the update was about 3 days ago this year.

we can only hope now.
MIB 3. Similar to the first and second movie: silly, cheesy, and awesome. Though I'm a bit exaggerating on the 'awesome' part but it was definitely leaning on the positive side.
Can you update the actual threads with the individual episodes? Creating more threads with multiple episodes links makes the original threads created specifically for individual episodes are a bit... useless