What types of gamers do we have here?

Online or Offline, no matter how. There are enough good games available and here is the right place to discuss about your favorite ones!
I noticed that this board was a little bare and decided to post something, even if it doesn't garner many replies. I know it's quite secondary to the point of this page, but I wanted to see what types of games everyone likes and plays.
I grew up around the late 90's and early 00's with old PC games. My first game that was bought for me was Pro Pinball: The Web and Timeshock! double pack.
When internet (and especially ADSL) came around, I went crazy with emulators, playing the shit out of various SNES, Mega Drive (our family had one, though it was given to my cousins' family), GBA and Neo Geo games. Also, I kept playing various PC games, both old and new, commercial and freeware (the Finnish share/freeware scene was really big around the turn of the millenium).

Nowadays, after getting into anime, seiyuu and owarai stuff, my gaming has reduced really drastically. I bought a F.E.A.R pack from the GOG summer sales for replaying, but otherwise it's been all light browser flash games for something to do while listening to web radios. Games getting more and more commercial (ie. mainstreaming for casual players, concentrating on graphics without optimizing, wasting money on advertising campaigns and being generally uninspiring gameplay-wise; good recent example being Bioshock: Infinite) doesn't help the situation, either.

Some of my all-time favorites and/or most played games, in no particular order:
Pro Pinball: Timeshock!
Deus Ex
C&C: Red Alert 2
Soldier of Fortune II (multiplayer)
Super Metroid (and other 2D entries in the series)
Yoshi's Island
Warioland 4
Cave Story
Space Rangers 2

Also, have a picture of the new Timeshock! remake that's coming up (hopefully) soon.

I'm so glad they went with the prerendering route. Doing it in real-time 3D would never look as realistic.
I started out with the Commodore 64 and Atari (I hadn't even started school yet at the time :rofl: ). Then SEGA Master System and MegaDrive (aka Genesis), which were quite popular back then in Europe for being more affordable. In the mid 90s, Final Fantasy 7 came out and for the time it looked amazing so I got a Playstation 1, that plus the other JRPGs and strategy JRPGs that came out on the PS1 and 2 got me into the genre. The PS3 was kind of disappointing in that respect, though towards the end of its life more JRPGs have been getting imported. Back in the mid 90s I also got a PC so I could play various point-and-click adventure and management games (e.g. Theme Hospital etc.). So yeah RPG, Adventure and Sim (management/strategy) are my fave genres.
Was console gamer til PS1.
Played a lot jrpg at that time on PS1, and gestion game (theme hospital too). spent a lot time on ISS too.
I got a PS2 late and havnt really enjoyed it, then I discover PC and became PC gamer.

I still love Nintento (had nes & snes), I have a 3ds, but never played Wii. I'm interested in the Wii U, wich i think is the best choice of console when you are pc gamer.

if i buy it, it won't be before 2 years anyway, coz i like have a lot choice of games when get a consoles, so don't need wait for next release.

On Pc i'm currently on Rocket League, Football Manager 2015 & The Witcher 3. I'm waiting for Metal Gear Solid V 60fps, 2k resolution, oh yeah baby.

I was lucky to own a Occulus Rift DK2 for months, and i'm exiting about VR final release. Trust me, for have tried, it's porn gaming revolution
Started on SNES and played Nintendo stuff until GCN pretty much (Wii and Wii U were huge let downs for me, some games were ok though).
Huge PC and especially MMO player nowadays (FFXIV and WoW mainly, seeing as GW2 is dead as of today haha..). Though my studies don't exactly allow me to play because of really bad internet.
My console history is like soudou's. I started with the The Atari 2600 then got a Master System (I did want a Megadrive but parants got the wrong one!) Later i sold both of them to buy the Megadrive!. Hours of playing Sonic ad not doing my homework followed.

After i started working i bought a PS1 because of Final Fantasy 7 and my first PC not long after, Spent many hours playing Combat Flight Sim. Also had a Dreamcast and gameboy. PS2 and PS3 followed and a PS4 is on the cards. Only because i want Star Wars Battlefront 3!

I mosty use my PC for gaming. Mosty latey playing Star Trek Online, Also have most of the Total War series, War Thunder, call of duty united offensive, (For me the most fun COD ever! Hate MWF!)
PS3 of course GTA IV & GTA V, Along with a couple of Gundam games. And i have a number of Dynasty Warriors games.

Top 5 of all time :rock:
1. Final Fantasy 7
2. Call Of Duty UO
3. Combat flight simulator
4. GTA V
5. Sonic 2

Still have my Megadrive PS1 two PS3 Dreamcast gameboy. :geek:
Glad to see so many replies.

I grew up with a NES, and a Genesis, but didn't really get into really gaming until I saw Final Fantasy 6 for the first time. A close friend of mine was the kid whose parents bought him whatever games he wanted. So he had close to a hundred SNES games to my measly 6 Genesis games. One night while on a sleepover when I was in the 7th grade, he started up Final Fantasy 6 and I was instantly hooked. I immediately started buying magazines with articles about it and other Squaresoft games. Problem was, I had no SNES. About a week later I saw a game in the bargain bin for $14.99 (US). I begged my mom to buy it for me. That game was Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom. I still own the game, and hold it dear to my heart, but it wasn't very good. Still, it was a new game, and all I had to play. So it kept me busy until I could raise the money for a SNES. As luck had it, I have a December birthday and I threw a birthday party. With the money I had saved up, I was able to get enough money from Birthday cards to get a SNES, which came with The Legend of Zelda: A Link in the Past. At the very least, I'd already have the console and could save up and get FFVI later. Well, my mom is awesome and had already budgeted to get me the game. I was so excited I played it 20 hours straight before I fell asleep, holding the controller.

I'm 34 now and I still have the enthusiasm for games. I still love RPGs and spend most of my time playing JRPGs mostly.

My top 5 list would have to be:

Final Fantasy 6
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy 7
Gears of War 2 (Mostly the entire series)

I spent several years playing EverQuest. I have to say I probably obsessed over it more than played it. This was back when it launched until about 2005. I've made some lifelong friends playing that game and miss those old days of raiding and grouping with people for an entire day. I played FFXI, and WoW quite a bit, but it just wasn't the same. Seemed like I could just level up some, and then go back and own certain bosses.

Other games I love in no particular order.

Hyperdimension Neptunia releases
Final Fantasy X
Moe Chronicle
The EA Sports NHL games
The Show
Ni No Kuni
Resident Evil 4
The Uncharted Series
Akiba's Trip
Any of the Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis releases.
Gauntlet (NES)
I usually play handheld consoles, from the Gameboy back then to the 3DS now :)
Pokemon, Taiko no tatsujin Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Saiban, etc.

I also play Sims 3 and Sims city on the PC
I used to play A LOT of Quake 2 back in the days. Like pro gaming style 6-8 hours a day before huge prices for pro gamers were a thing.
We went to lanparties every weekend, crushed everyone and raked in free mice, graphics cards or stuff like that, but it was pretty much just for fun and fame in the community.
Under the week we played on our 56k modems with 200 ms ping. :D Finally getting ISDN with 30ms ping was a revelation.

I'm still hoping for a new wave of hardcore skill based shooters to hit (there are a few candidates like Toxikk, Reflex and the new UT), but for now I'm just bingeplaying Path of Exile A LOT.

Also the usual huge amount of JRPGs. I've probably played every single JRPG from the Famicom era till PS1 and a few PS2 and PS3 games.

Oh and I've spent thousands of hours on Demon's Souls, but never got to play the Dark Souls games even though I've bought them because of how addictive Path of Exile is.

That game is a hell of a drug. :devil: