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Online or Offline, no matter how. There are enough good games available and here is the right place to discuss about your favorite ones!
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I'm actually a Nintendo kid and don't have that much experience with other consoles, besides PS1 and PS2. And both of them weren't that special to me, because I only played Metal Gear Solid on them (which is without doubt one of the best games ever, but not a fact to make the PS better for me).

I think I like the Wii most. Yes, it takes pretty long loading and all this lifestyle-games are unnecessary and just moneymaking, but if you use the Wi-Fi connection, you have so much room for everything! Playing epic battles online, downloading retro games, having track of worldwide records etc. - which is also not a new thing to the world of consoles, but nicely packaged by Nintendo.

But actually no console will ever overtake my love to the Super Nintendo.


Hey, I'm also a Nintendo kid. I remember back in school either you was Nintendo or you was a Sega boy. No space inbetween. Therefore there was always this cruel war at the playground. Wait, in case you were really really freak, you could have both xD.

I had the white brick-like Game Boy, NES and SNES. No consoles ever since. In this last years I got a Wii and a DS. Many may consider the Wii as just a party console, but it also has some unique 1player experiences such as Pro Evolution Soccer, Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers or scary titles like Calling. I must confess I'm always p1ssed off when I see all the cool games are for PlayStation. Another negative point is the few titles for the Wii, sometimes really childlish. I'm one of those Nintendo fans who is absolutely fed up with Pokémon games. Furthermore, they don't have such thing as the 'platinum' series, and games hardly ever drop their price from one year to another.

Still, my vote is for Wii (or PC).

As concerning Halo and other games of the same kind, I still don't get it how on earth can you play a shooter with a joypad. Perhaps I'm too fond of my mouse.

Nintendo consoles all the way! my first ever gaming console was a NES . gameboy follows very closely. ever since then i've gotten every nintendo console that came out. AND nintendo has Pokemon!!
Have to say the Original Playstation and the PC for me. Good times, good times~~
I really enjoyed playing Sega's Dreamcast console, so I would say that is my favourite console. Very good system and well ahead of it's time with loads of cool games for it.
I was a Sega boy then a Nintendo boy. I first started with SEGA Genesis and Game Gear, I still remember very long hours spent at my grandmother's house playing Sonic the Hedghog 1 & 2 back in the old days...

Then I became a Nintendo boy with the Game Boy Color: I played to hundreds of games, the best of them would be all the Pokemon one, and the two legendary Zelda: Oracle of Age and Oracle of Seasons. That's what I call real adventure games...

I am now a Play Station boy with a PS2 and a PSP. The PSP is useful since it emulates all the previous consoles (NES, SNES, GENESIS, MEGADRIVE, GBC/GBA, MAME, NEOGEO, DREAMCAST, N64......)

PC is not useful because you always have to upgrade your material. I find that to be too much expensive. I prefer investing into a console and have the guarantee that it will work for at least 5 or 6 years with no problem.

Of course I'm not talking about RTS games like AoE II & III or Civ 3 & 4, StarCraft, Warcraft, C&C... this type of game is perfectly fit for the PC. And, of course, Counter-Strike in which I wasted more than 2 years, after wasting 4 years in MMORPGs like Runescape or Dofus.

I am now a repented Nolife. But I plan becoming one once again within a year.
The only nintendo systems I buy are just the handheld ones, but I use my PSP a lot more than my gameboys.
So am i the only that owned the Sega Master System (it was Sega's system before Genesis)?

I kinda took the same route you did Kanzaki. started with Sega Master System, then jumped on board with the Nintendo systems. then playstations took over. PC games played a huge role as well (Myth 1&2, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Half Life, TFC, Counterstrike). but i've always felt the need to have all the systems even if i don't play them all. Consoles are my weakness you could say. i just have to have them all. i favor the ps3 most right now tho.
will for me i love ps3 for 1 player but if you and your friends will paly to gether (offline) it gona be the wii

ps3:1playe online

wii:Multi player
PS3 FTW :D Ive always been a Sony fanboy, just never got into the xbox or wii
gamecube without hesitation, and my computer :)
Neo Geo, Dreamcast
Nintendo kid also.

I love my N64
Leon wrote:
I really enjoyed playing Sega's Dreamcast console, so I would say that is my favourite console. Very good system and well ahead of it's time with loads of cool games for it.

completely agree with you, i'm actually playing shenmue 2, nostalgic moments
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