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Originally posted by Ezoghoul
man why do you guys gota keep bringing up the MGS games?!?! don't u know how dangerous that is? it to easy to go on n on about those games cause they're so good... so now i must... most favorite moments of the series...

Metal Gear 1 - Of course the first appearance of the ninja /Gray Fox and the fight between you and Sniper Wolf, and for some reason when fighting Psycho Mantis and having to change to controller port #2 was just the coolest thing. so simple, but so different.

MGS2 Sons of Liberty - The intro scene where he jumps off the bridge, man... everything was so perfect about it. then again when the ninja appears. Then fighting along side Snake towards the end. And i believe it was in this one where there's a scene where the whole team unites, Snake and Otacon do some buddy handshake and then it shows the whole team walking towards the camera in slow motion with some awesome song going on at the background.. man it was so cinematic and awesome!!!!!!!!

MGS3 Snake Eater - When Snake 1st fights Big Boss and gets totally owned by her when he finds out she defected. The eternal climb up the ladder with the Snake Eater song playing. again something so simple, but yet so genius!!!!! and the last fight with Big Boss in the flower field... just amazing. And then the way he has to finish her off, which i wont say for you RETARDS who owned a PS2 but didnt play this game, shame on you :P

MGS4 Guns of the Patriots - EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GAME. PERFECT. but i must say, my favorite part was at the very end. When Snake is crawling through the microwave passage and the screen splits. The cinema and music that is playing during that moment is so powerful... i honestly feel that no game will ever match a moment like that. truly a masterpiece.

ok sorry, see what you started guys... CANT WAIT FOR METAL GEAR SOLID: RISING!!!!!

Hiiii.. I've read all you Mear Gear info.. and it's good know another MGS fan who knows his stuff.. but also I just wanted to correct you on something.. well.. in your paragraph about MGS3 Snake Eater.. you said her code name is "Big Boss".. well it's not, Her code name is "The Boss".
The code name "Big Boss" was given to Snake after his mission.
anyways.. sorry ^^ just needed to correct you on that.. but I'm a die-hard fan on the Metal Gear Saga myself.. so i know where your coming from =D

I never became too fond of the Metal Gear Solid series, I've tried couple of the games, the last one being MGS3 I think.. the one with the funky camos, epic crab battles and the "I shot Ocelot in the head during the first encounter with him, - TIME PARADOXU DESU YO! *dun dun duuuuun*"

Meh, I'm not that much in to sneaking games, mostly because I'm not very good at them :D I did ace Splinter Cell though but that's about it. I'm more in to going in with both guns blazing, chewing bubblegum and breathing jet fuel.


please forgive me V-KeiGuy... ::Ezo runs off in shame::

I just "modded" my Wii, so I've been playing a whole bunch of different games on it =)

but I love my 360! I do miss the good old days of playing the original Gears of War on Live... the 2nd one is a fail in my book.

anyway, 360 is my fave.

Where's all the PC fan out there???
Image Epic win school internet.

ive basically played everything, but i have to say the ps3, nothing else really does all the things it does, in terms of tech specs again ps3, and how could you not include the pc? its the ultimate gaming machine, it eats all the other consoles. anyway if any of you want to add me on psn its blackathan

Well, my vote would have been for the Xbox360 if i hadn't recently just bought a PS3 so my vote is for the PS3. It really just does so much more and the presentation is a lot better.

Unfortunately, it seems that if you have friends, you should get a Xbox360.
If you're into solo action then the PS3 is the way to go.
The PS3 lacks great multiplayer titles like Halo and Gears of War.

PC is great but unfortunately i have a crap laptop and it's been a hassle trying to run high spec games lately so consoles are what i'm into at the moment, probably till i upgrade to a better PC.

I'm sorry to say this, but Halo and Gears aren't THAT good, they are average at best.

I'm on the go a lot, so I've always gotten more out of handhelds. I voted for the DS because of its mobility and great library of games. It's also proved to be an awesome language-learning tool: I picked up a Japanese dictionary game that features character recognition, and it's really bolstered my learning Japanese.

I own a Xbox360 & a PS3.
But im not a fanboy of one of them. I just like playing games and having both is perfect for exclusives.

I just got DARKSIDERS for PS3, its fun but its hard too...

Besides that, im a huge HALO Fan(boy) and i cant wait for Halo: Reach!

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Originally posted by Mike-Sempai
I own a Xbox360 & a PS3.
But im not a fanboy of one of them. I just like playing games and having both is perfect for exclusives.

I just got DARKSIDERS for PS3, its fun but its hard too...

Besides that, im a huge HALO Fan(boy) and i cant wait for Halo: Reach!

I bought myself a PS3 and the only regret i have is not having Halo.
Been renting Xbox360s and system linking Halo 3 lately, great fun.


Originally posted by the juggernaut
I'm sorry to say this, but Halo and Gears aren't THAT good, they are average at best.

I'd agree with you on Gears, but Halo is far from average.
I think it's quite possibly the best console multiplayer FPS and most would agree with that.

Before you burn me with the Xbox 360 Fanboy brand, i have a PS3, not an Xbox 360.

I'll have to go with X-Box 360!:)

The only consoles I've had before 360 is a PS2, a Nintendo DS and a Gameboy, so I don't really have anything to compare the X-box with.
I've never tried a PS3 before. Non of my friends has got one.
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I'll go with 360 ... I have had quite a few consoles in my lifetime and right now I have PS2, PS3, 360 and DS (and play on my brother's Wii from time to time) ... I don't play on my DS and PS3 that much even though they have great games, I'm more often on my 360 ... I still keep my PS2 around because I bought too much Guitar Hero crap to let it go! lolll

Originally posted by Usman_Zeb89
it is all about the ps3 great gameplay

Just to let you know, gameplay can't be related to a console, gameplay is part of game experience ... for exemple, RE5 gameplay is the same on 360 and PS3.
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