Favorite Console

Online or Offline, no matter how. There are enough good games available and here is the right place to discuss about your favorite ones!
Favorite current gen console / handheld.

I have a XBOX 360 and a WII but I like the XBOX way more.


My new HTC Hero, i don't really use it much for gaming, but the overall apllication use on that thing is just hugh!

Mine would be the PS3. I would say PS2 but that's just because it has more games out than PS3 and I like graphics a lot. I also own a PSP and I love it (the problem is it's bought in Japan and it's not entirely compatible with North American stuff, ie: UMD movies). I haven't played WII or Xbox before so I don't really want to judge...

Tough choice between my 360 and DS, 360 has a lot of good titles and DS has games i like more but there are so few. So I'm going with 360

Mine would have to be "PS3" because I own all Playstation consoles and I have supported Sony all my life.. and also because I just think the graphics are amazing!!! I also have a Wii but nothing tops PS3 =D
favourite game for PS3 is Metal Gear Solid 4.

I've always felt the need to have all the consoles and in the end, i too favor Sony the most. of course every console has their precious gems and im a fan of all of them, but i just really think Playstation has the best overall resume.

wow now that i think about all the systems i've owned. what a nerd!!!!

Sega Master System
Turbo Graphics 16
Super Nintendo
Sega Genesis
Sega CD
Nintendo 64
All Playstations
Xbox and Xbox 360

i didn't bother with the Sega Saturn or Dreamcast, Atari Jaguar, Panasonic 3DO. Just wasn't enough games on those and because of the fact that im a poor dirty mexican. and lets not forget the ridiculously overpriced NeoGeo. altho i would've liked to own a NeoGeo. but $250 for a single game?!?!?! thats krrrrraaaaazzzzzzy!!!! 8o

I am quite a nintendo fan boy.
So ,Wii.

pc for console, but i'd rather use my pc :)

I still have my trusty Super Nintendo and N64, and as for newcomers I have a PS2, NDS and PSP.. but I'm more of a PC gamer myself, heck, even my PSP is full of NES, SNES and SEGA emulators and roms. + Monkey Island is fun on PSP, you can take it anywhere with you. But if I had to bring up my most favourite console at the moment, that would be NDS.. I love the Phoenix Wright series <3

it is all about the ps3 great gameplay, awsome graphic truly a masterpiece and also it has the greatest game ever Metal Gear Solid 4

Originally posted by Usman_Zeb89
it is all about the ps3 great gameplay, awsome graphic truly a masterpiece and also it has the greatest game ever Metal Gear Solid 4

I total agree =D.. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the patriots is a masterpiece and to my opinion it's the Best game on PS3.. no doubt about it.. and it's made by my favourite game creator "Hideo Kojima" =D. the MGS series is truly my Most favourites of all time gaming.

man why do you guys gota keep bringing up the MGS games?!?! don't u know how dangerous that is? it to easy to go on n on about those games cause they're so good... so now i must... most favorite moments of the series...

Metal Gear 1 - Of course the first appearance of the ninja /Gray Fox and the fight between you and Sniper Wolf, and for some reason when fighting Psycho Mantis and having to change to controller port #2 was just the coolest thing. so simple, but so different.

MGS2 Sons of Liberty - The intro scene where he jumps off the bridge, man... everything was so perfect about it. then again when the ninja appears. Then fighting along side Snake towards the end. And i believe it was in this one where there's a scene where the whole team unites, Snake and Otacon do some buddy handshake and then it shows the whole team walking towards the camera in slow motion with some awesome song going on at the background.. man it was so cinematic and awesome!!!!!!!!

MGS3 Snake Eater - When Snake 1st fights Big Boss and gets totally owned by her when he finds out she defected. The eternal climb up the ladder with the Snake Eater song playing. again something so simple, but yet so genius!!!!! and the last fight with Big Boss in the flower field... just amazing. And then the way he has to finish her off, which i wont say for you RETARDS who owned a PS2 but didnt play this game, shame on you :P

MGS4 Guns of the Patriots - EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GAME. PERFECT. but i must say, my favorite part was at the very end. When Snake is crawling through the microwave passage and the screen splits. The cinema and music that is playing during that moment is so powerful... i honestly feel that no game will ever match a moment like that. truly a masterpiece.

ok sorry, see what you started guys... CANT WAIT FOR METAL GEAR SOLID: RISING!!!!!

Nintendo Ds
I want a PS3 T_T (FF13 is so coool ~~~*the trailer*)