Matsumoto's New Movie R100

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Matsumoto has a new movie coming out called R100

"R100 follows a man who enters a strange club. The title is said to be a “play on the movie ratings R-15 and R-18 and represents the main character.”

No real info about plot but there's a teaser and poster


It stars Nao Omori and Shinobu Terajima.

Info from Wildgrounds
Thanks pariah! I'll check it out!
No problem, I'll keep the thread up to date with new info.
New trailer has been added:

Looks really interesting :D
A mild-mannered family man with a secret taste for S&M finds himself pursued by a gang of ruthless dominatrixes -- each with a very special talent -- in this hilarious and bizarre take on the sex comedy from Japanese comedy giant Hitoshi Matsumoto (Big Man Japan, Symbol).

I have high hopes for this film. I think this might be the break-out movie that accords Matsumoto Kitano-style status and recognition.
Kitano isn't really known for his movies in Japan, he's known abroad for them, I suspect similar things for Matsumoto.
I am looking forward to seeing this! :). Does anyone know if it'll be shown at all in the UK? :?:
Leeds International Film festival has a history of showing Matsumoto's past movies (Big Man Japan twice!) They're announcing their line-up on October 4th so if you're able to get to the festival you might want to keep an eye on it.
Thank you! I will check it out on the 4th and see if he's there. I really hope he is! :) :bow:
Leeds eh? Just an hour away. I suppose I could set foot in Yorkshire for this lol.

Nah, If it's on I'll definitely be there. :D
There are no guarantees but judging by previous years it's a big possibility, they would get a UK premiere and most festivals are after that.

Depending on what else is there, I would consider going too.
Sadly it isn't there.
Well it had it's premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Sadly, reviews have been mixed to put it kindly. Here's Mark Schilling's at JT: ... ilms/r100/

Mark's a seriously good guy and one of the best critics writing on Japanese cinema at the moment.

Hollywood Reporter: ... iew-627438

IndieWire (liked it a lot): ... uis-bunuel

Still a first day watch for me :)