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Posted: 13.05.2010, 18:48
by Leo-Kun
I'm not a movie addict, so I won't post here so often. Last movie I watched was "Blades of Glory", with Will Ferrell.

The movie has its highs and lows, some parts cracked me up like a Batsu Game, others bored me (like the ending, but I won't spoil it...)

From 1 to 10, it deserve a 6,5.

Posted: 15.05.2010, 08:51
by MinorInfection
I'm a comic book fan (DC over Marvel most of the time), so I'll rate an animated film that I recently watched.

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths is actually very good. It's based on an old comic book storyline where Evil versions of the Justice League (not like Bizarro) invades the regular universe. The art's well done, and the voices are pretty spot on, even though they are not the same voice actors as the TV series Justice League ones.

I give it an 8.5 out of 10, and recommend this to all comic book fans.

Posted: 15.05.2010, 16:52
by clent
Saw Iron Man 2 on the day it came out. Kick ass!

Compared to Iron Man 1, more action; lots more action.
I was originally disappointed that Terrence Howard wouldn't be back for the second movie and got replaced by Don Cheadle but I thought he did a great job.

Also if you guys and gals aren't familiar with these type of movies (been happening a lot with these new action, comic book movies such as in the Incredible Hulk) watch through the ending credits, you get a nice surprise for a future movie.

Posted: 15.05.2010, 19:09
by Outlaws0023
I also just watched Iron Man 2. Awesome movie!
I have to agree with Clent - I didn't really enjoy number 1 either, but the sequel is super good!

9/10 from me :clap: :clap:

Although I left the cinema under the ending credits.. What did it show after them?
Just a sort of trailer for Iron Man 3?

Posted: 16.05.2010, 01:45
by Ezoghoul
after credits was a scene of the agent that was watching over iron man that was re-assigned to another area. shows the agent getting to that area which is a desert. theres a huge whole in the ground as if a meteor struck you could say. then shows a hammer next to it. the hammer of Thor.

Posted: 16.05.2010, 08:34
by Outlaws0023
Thors Hammer! :P
That sounds pretty cool. I'm from Denmark so I've learned quite a bit about the Norse mythology (We sometimes had about it in school).

Maybe I can just find the scene on youtube...

Edit: Ok I found.
Looks pretty cool:)

Posted: 18.05.2010, 05:28
by iniquiti
...Iron Man 2. Twice :drool:

Darker than the first and slightly more focused on humour compared to the first one which had more action.

Black Widow's fight scene: :clap:

Posted: 20.05.2010, 09:39
by jestman
Just finished watching Ip Man 2.

Posted: 14.06.2010, 15:05
by sarutobi
So yeah, decided to watch the A-team.
Was reluctant at first... Fearing they might shatter my childhood memories.
And of course, they couldn't use the original cast(nobody can replace Mr.T!!!!!).

So I went in with low expectations...
But I must admit, I wasn't as disappointed as I thought I would be.
The current cast did a good enough job to portray the characters of the series.
It was funny at times, and all around pretty entertaining.


Posted: 15.06.2010, 15:20
by Ezoghoul
So here is my Splice review…

Before I saw the movie I had seen pictures of the creature which worried me. because just from the pictures I didn’t like the design of it. and thr out the movie, it never grew on me. it wasn’t like the fawn on Pans Labrynth where u just can’t want to see more of it and ur so intrigued by it. everything about it from the way it moved, to the way it sounded was unappealing. So it didn’t allow me to connect with it. so that was a negative.

2nd, the acting. Adrien brody does a decent job actually, but the girl/wife really sucked. But as whole, the acting towards the situation was terrible. I mean these guys just created a new species and are trying to keep it a secret and they just seem waaaay to calm about it. the acting was inconsistent. Yes, that word is perfect for it. some scenes they did well and others were just terrible.

3rd, this may just be my opinion since u guys are pervs =p But I hate sex scenes in movies. They are pointless and uncomfortable. So whats worse than a sex scene? A sex scene with a human and this creature… I mean seriously? And its quite graphic and long, and im not talking about Adrien Brody’s peepee or the creatures tail either. And even story-wise, there was just no way you could justify it (apparently his wife put her DNA in the creature, so he ends up seeing his wife in the creature). And whats worse than a sex scene with a human and this creature? Well towards the end of the movie the creature changes genders and rapes/impregnates the wife… im not lying either. Altho the raping isn’t as graphic as the 1st scene, the idea is more disturbing.

So yeah… after that 1st odd sex scene, I wanted to leave. But I guess the $6.50 I spent just didn’t allow me to. And the more I watched after that, I got the same feeling I got when I saw Transformers 2.. which is… “when is this movie going to end”. and I hate that feeling. But this movie definitely leaves an impression on you. Unfortunately, that impression or image I should say, is this nude creature riding adrien brody cowgirl style with her arms AND wings spread out...

I give it a 3/10

Posted: 22.06.2010, 02:17
by atreyu_tiger
I'm a big fan of the Prince of Persia videogame saga, so I decided to go watch it last weekend.

I consider The Sands of Time one of the best videogames ever. The unique atmosphere, the freedom and the variety of movements that the Prince had. It keeps the spirit of the original when fights live in harmony with puzzles.

To say the truth, I was expecting to see the game on a big screen. I was expecting to revisit all those mystic places that the game lead me into. However, the film follows another line. It has a good beginning, with the attack to the Holy City (ev'ry city in this film is a holy one). The puzzle plan was really great, but... the prince having brothers and a bunch of clown bandits as sidekicks? C'mon!!

The loneliness and remorse for what he had done (unleash the sands of time and killing his 'zombie' father) were trademarks of the Prince character. Tamina knew archering and how to fight, she's absolutely not a pale damsel in distress with a ton of make-up to make his skin looks more tanned.

I was pretty angry with the decision of the actor who portrays the Prince. I'd rather some unknown guy who is a gymnast and parkour performer, but I was somehow wrong.

Entertaining film. Nothing much to add.

Posted: 22.06.2010, 08:28
by iniquiti
Despicable Me. I would say that it is more evil than the trailer tries not to make it seem.

Tomorrow, I'll be watching A-Team and I hear good things.

Posted: 22.06.2010, 13:25
by Ezoghoul
say toy story 3 last nite.

i expected a good movie and got a good movie. i mean c'mon... its toy story. I liked "Big Baby". even tho he looked kinda creepy at times he was really cool. and i thought it was really cool that they included Totoro in this one even tho he really didn't do anything.

go watch it!

Posted: 24.06.2010, 05:28
by Shinpan
I watched "Taiyou wo nusunda otoko" or "The Man who Stole the Sun" today.

It's about a science teacher who makes an atom-bomb to get the police to do his bidding.

It was really interesting to see how to make an atom bomb, but also very interesting to see how he used the media, and various other things to manipulate the Japanese police force to do whatever he desired.

Although, the police kinda used pacification as a lot of times they were empty promises. Although it was pretty much a "death note" like story if you will...

It was also good Japanese listening practice although I had to have the English subtitles on to make sure I could understand everything.

Posted: 28.06.2010, 02:52
by jestman
Wooo it's been a while :P
I've been in Taiwan 3 weeks now and saw 3 movies

Toy Story 3 - AMAZING, I almost cried from the nostalgia :'[ LOVED IT 5/5

Shrek 3 - AMAZING, I've always loved the Shrek series. It was my mom's favorite movie. RIP Mom I <3 You. 5/5

and.... Solomon Kane... what can I say about this movie. It sucked hard -_-'' I only watched it because it was the last movie at the theaters I haven't seen and the commercial made it look badass but I was wrong. The story line was so shallow, the acting was horrible and the graphic effects were something of the 1990's... Please save your money. 1/5. the 1 is for effort -_-''