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127 hours. I am a person who hates watching movies at a theater and prefers to do it from the comfort of my own home. The movie was superb Franco portray Ralston with much skill and passion. If anyone believes that this movie is BS then you should really give it a try it was just awesome, just awesome. :)

hmm... LoTR like movie.... :?: well since i can't think of any other movies with men, elves, dwarves, orcs, and wizards and that simply are epic like LOTR, i'll just throw out some other fantasy movies that perhaps you'll like if you haven't seen already..

Pans Labyrinth - directed by B. Del Toro. incredible movie from Spain mixing fantasy with a civil war in spain
Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe - not as mature as LOTR, but still a good movie

and thats about it man... its kind of tough to throw something out there on LOTR level. of those two Pans Labyrinth hands down!!!

great movies with battle scenes but not sci-fi:
Last Samurai

and if you've seen any of these and thought they sucked, well then we will have to settle this with a knife fight!
Sucker punch 10/10

Good action, amazing special effects and good music. I like it. What do you think?
i don't think james cameron even thinks Sucker Punch is better than avatar..... however sucker punch is indeed visually INCREDIBLE... cmon... to say better than avatar? there's a reason when avatar came out, you couldn't stop hearing about it or seeing it everywhere you went. the reason, complete EPICNESS in every aspect. Sucker Punch only gets Epic in the visual Deptartment.
Ezoghoul wrote:
i don't think james cameron even thinks Sucker Punch is better than avatar..... however sucker punch is indeed visually INCREDIBLE... cmon... to say better than avatar? there's a reason when avatar came out, you couldn't stop hearing about it or seeing it everywhere you went. the reason, complete EPICNESS in every aspect. Sucker Punch only gets Epic in the visual Deptartment.

Sorry to be comparing avatar and sucker punch.
its ok young grasshopper. :hug:

-- 06.06.2011, 11:49 --

Xmen: First Class...

Yeah it was pretty freakin awesome. seeing the relationship between Xavier and magneto was so great. I personally thought Magneto stole the show tho, but don’t get me wrong, Xavier was awesome as well. but the guy that plays Magneto and the way they show how he lives for one thing only, and that’s revenge, its just too perfect. heck, even Kevin bacon does good at his role. Everyone does really well. But it definitely has its dark moments. In fact, one of my favorite moments is the darkest scene in the movie and probably of any superhero movie actually, but without getting into detail, lets just say its the scene where Magneto gets revenge on his nemesis… freakin awesome and its so dramatic as well cause of the way they show it go back n forth with Xavier trying to stop him. dang hurry up and go watch this movie! and the 10secs that Wolverine appears is priceless.

I wouldn’t say its better than Dark Knight. But its right behind it. altho I would say its dark moments are darker. All thanks to magneto and Shaw. Like there’s even a scene with magneto and 2 other dudes at a bar and it reminded of the bar shootout scene on Inglorious Bastards. Its so good! after watching this, you definitely will add Magneto to your "Bad Mother" list. It’s definitely the best of the Xmen. And of course its not all serious, it has some good funny moments as well.

Although I did learn that Mystique is Xavier's sister, which i was unaware of... that shouldn't be a spoiler for the Xmen nerds out there.

I will give this movie 10/10 :rock: :rock: :rock:

-- 30.06.2011, 08:10 --

Ok so I saw Transformers: Dark of the Moon last nite… and here’s my review.

As skeptical as I was towards this movie due to the trauma that part 2 gave me, I still gave it a shot because I heard so much about the “last hour” of this movie. Fortunately, the last hour is pretty darn good. but lets talk about before the last hour. It’s a bit drawn out and slow. They did tone down on the 5yr old childish jokes, but again, keywords being “tone down” meaning there are still definitely some parts, especially every scene with these 2 little robots that are just completely meaningless n stupid as well as a few other jokes that don’t involve them that are just sooo elementary/poor/cheap laughs. There are a some scenes that will make you chuckle. But I would say there are definitely more poor jokes than good ones. If u have a very low standard sense of humor, u’ll love every bit of comedy this movie throws at you. Thankfully, Shai’s parents get less face time as well. His new girlfriend… WOW… better than the last one in every way and I’ll just leave it at that… well one more thing, her lips… INCREDIBLE.So this pretty much describes the first hour ½.

Then the last hour begins…and yeah, its pretty hardcore. A lot’ve people and robots die in this movie which is a good thing, because it takes the movie to another level and adds a splash of seriousness and you actually feel that humanity is fighting for its life even tho they don't know what the crap they are doing. There are incredible visuals in this last act. The highway chase scene is by far my favorite in the movie and features some of the best realistic visuals I’ve ever seen in any movie. I was smiling so much during that scene because it was the ending of the boring first half of the movie and again, that highway scene looked absolutely EPIC. so yeah, 1 full hour of non stop action at the end n then it literally ends. No joke. It is the fastest ending to a movie that there is. you see explosions, robots fighting, people fighting, more explosions, ur typical guy/girl kiss and “I always love u” line, then credits…. its as if Michael Bay spent a crap load of money on the last hour and then realized it and said “HOLY CRAP!!!! we gota end the movie right now cause there is no more money!!!!”.

Another small thing that I just don’t get and can’t stand…. There are transformers in this movie that have hair… what the crap!?!?! That’s just so stupid to me. there’s even a fat transformer…. Really people? really? Little things like that just really grind my gears….

So long story short, first hour ½ movie = ok/slightly boring and hit n miss comedy. Last hour = awesomeness. I saw it IMAX 3D. do I think you have to see it in 3D or in IMAX? No. not that the 3D sucked cause it didn’t. but I do believe you’ll enjoy the movie just as much in regular mode. I will say tho that I can’t see myself watching this movie again. unless they start it from the highway scene.

I give this movie a 6/10

-- 05.07.2011, 12:54 --

Super 8 review:

If Cloverfield and The Goonies had a baby, you would get Super 8. and yes that is a good thing, primarily cause of Goonies. but yes, Super 8 is a great enjoyable movie that i honestly don't see how anyone wouldn't like it. It just has a little something for everyone. comedy, action, sci-fi, drama, what else do you need? and i gota give all the credit to these kids who are in the movie, i mean they really act well. extremely well. then add awesome writing which made the dialogue between these kids seem very natural. and i liked that they had really distinguishable personalities. like i feel like if you couldn't see yourself in one of them, you could at least say, "growing up, one of my friends was just like that!" or even the whole relationship drama between them was soooo familiar and i think that's a huge strength of this movie. But don't think that just because this movie has a cast of kids makes a "kiddy" movie. There are some scenes that can definitely be frightening to the younger ones and make them afraid of going asleep the following nights from the fear of a giant alien eating them. cause yes... the alien on this movie does that and kills people "ugly style". i'll let your imagination determine what "ugly style" is or you can just watch the movie.

Now the only thing that prevented me from giving this movie a perfect score was the ending. now that doesn't mean the ending sucks. i can't even exactly pinpoint it honestly. And not that i had high expectations of some climactic ending, but as i was watching the movie, i guess by the time the end comes, i was expecting a little more. i don't know...perhaps just a little more drama, like some important people dying... but maybe thats just me being a sucker for bittersweet endings. but don't get me wrong, the ending isn't bad at all. so anyways, go watch this movie and have a good time!

9/10 8)
I'd been wanting to see this for almost a year. It did not disappoint. Very good.
I'm looking forward to Himizu next year, I like what I've read of the manga.

Very dull. I couldn't even get through it. I stopped watching around 1hour in. From the looks of some promo images, things actually happen later in the movie. I usually finish movies I watch, but I had no desire to watch the rest of this one.
Same here, cold fish, amazing movie. Probably the best japanese movie in a long time. Sensitive people should be careful though :P
The Lord of The Rings Trilogy - Extended Edition (720p)

A-W-E-S-O-M-E That new Blu-ray release of the extended edition is a MUST HAVE and MUST SEE for every true fan.



I give 7.5/10. No matter what we might say, the story is kind of poor. The only good point was the use of Mathematical Engineering applied to Finance by the main hero. And since I am a mathematics fan, this is one great point :inlove:

Source Code

Very very bad movie. The story was UNINTERESTING, I didn't even finish it.

Hall Pass

Stupidity of Hollywood incarnated. A FLOP, I give 3/10. The story is really really bad. Too much garbage, insults for virtually NOTHING. The only good point was the old man (those who watched it will know what I'm talking about :p )

Oh, and:

Games of Throne (although it's not a film, it's a series in 10 episodes, 1 hour each)

GREAT GREAT GREAT series!!! Never been into a thing like this except for LOTR. Ezoghoul, I suggest you get the whole 1st season in HD (you'll find it on ThePirateBay, if you need a link please ask), you'll not regret it as a LOTR fan ;)
Kanzaki wrote:
The Lord of The Rings Trilogy - Extended Edition (720p)

I... did a marathon on that a while ago. Nearly the whole day's worth :D

Xmen First Class: love it and seen it twice. 4.5/5

Green Latern: when CGI makers are paid more than writers. I made sure to lower my expectation before seeing this so I was suprised I left satisfied. Maybe because I had no expectations at all. 3/5

I will be watching Captain America on Wednesday before it officially comes out. Stay tuned :)
@Kanzaki, haha loved ur rating for the LoTR's trilogy 21/10.hehehe... and yes i will be buying it. which will make it my 3rd time that i buy those movies, 1st - when they came out originally, i bought each single dvd. 2nd - when the extended box collection came out. and now 3rd with the blu ray extended versions. yes... i held out from buying the theatrical versions on blu ray. it actually made me mad that they even released the theatrical versions on blu ray.

and yes, i've heard many good things about Game of Thrones and have been wanting to watch it. just haven't had the time. i expect that netflix will have them up soon so i'll check them out as soon as they are available.
Bad Teacher: better than I thought. 3.5/5

-- 22.07.2011, 20:23 --

Captain America: awesome movie :inlove: . Second best after Iron Man1 out of all the separated Avenger movies.
Sucker Punch review….

so… when this movie starts off, I must stay I really liked the beginning of the movie and by beginning I mean up to the point where she’s taken the hospital. This is due to the editing and music, which thru the whole movie, the soundtrack is awesome btw. but once it switches to the 1st fantasy world of the place secretly being a whore house, things start to get confusing. Cause I just wasn’t sure what was going on. And ultimately I really did believe the hospital was a front for the whorehouse. So in that regard, I guess Snyder did good in completely throwing you off course. Cause when the movie ends, I still believed that story, and I even watched the beginning again to try n piece things together. and I didn’t realize it was fantasy world until I read about sucker punch on wiki this morning. So props to Snyder for that disguise or maybe not, cause it was too disguised or maybe im just too dumb. I found one major flaw tho in the whole movie. I just never really felt anything for the characters. I never felt like “man I hope these girls make it out” nor did sympathize with them. it was just really lacking there for me.

As far as the 2nd fantasy world while she was dancing. It wasn’t consistent in regards to the action. For example, the 1st action scene with the 3 samurai. 1st samurai was kewl. 2nd, was kinda kewl but not as kewl, and the 3rd which I expected to be the awesomest was the most boring and ended instantly. Instead of culminating, it did the opposite. I did enjoy the action scene on the train tho with the bomb. But ultimately, while I didn’t expect much for the storyline, I did expect more from the action and I felt it was 50/50 there which disappointing coming from the guy who made 300.. heck even his Legend of the Guardians: Owls of Gahoole had some sweet action/fight scenes.

So yeah in the end, I was slightly confused, unattached, and remembered a few actions scenes. Although the main girl did grow on me a little appearance-wise as the movie goes on. She was like a mini Holly Madison and I really liked her lips.

But despite that. I can only give this movie a 4/10

-- 08.08.2011, 10:28 --

Rise of the Apes review:

Now im gona try and give this review the review it deserves… why? Well because I know the movie on its own is probably better than what I think if I was able to focus on it normally, but that was impossible for me because when watching this movie, I realized how many people I know that look like apes. No joke… I know quite a few, and so it would just make a few scenes that im sure weren’t supposed to be funny, funny. but ok here it goes…

I was skeptical about the whole idea that apes could actually take over. But I was glad to see that they don’t show that in this movie, they only show the very beginning of it which starts in the city and for what and how they show it, well it was pretty realistic and made sense. So YAY for that!!! They also did well on explaining how the apes got so smart so I was just very happy with how everything was laid out. So yeah, the story was actually pretty good. Now whats interesting about this movie is that the main character isn’t James Franco, rather it’s the CG ape named Cesar which is pretty darn impressive… I mean, he’s no JarJar Binks. This is what a CG character should be like. I mean his expressions, his movement; everything about him is extremely impressive. And not just on him, but on the rest of the Apes which I believe are all CG. I mean its to the point where you’re actually kind of rooting for the apes by the end of this movie. so props to the CG ape creators.

Now here is one thing I didn’t like about this movie and oddly it’s the acting of the actors. Franco, did good. but the white scrawny dude that’s monitors the apes in the prison was just absolutely ridiculous. I mean, I know there are some low life’s out there, but I just could not buy the idea of some dude thinking he’s a bad mother n treating apes or any other animal for that matter in the manner this guys does. it was overkill and could’ve just done it in a more realistic way by just showing him treating an ape like crap without the degrading bullying dialogue. I mean… just picture me telling a dog “hey dog! Ur really dumb.. u dummy..”. yeah that’s pretty dumb.. but that’s exactly what this guy does.

I didn’t like Franco’s boss either, I can’t pinpoint why exactly. but just didn’t feel right or real. And also, franco’s white neighbor. His acting was a bit exaggerated for me on his 1st Cesar encounter and on Franco’s ill father’s encounter. The father scene is really stupid cause of the setup with the door being left open to his Ford Mustang (you’ll know what im talking about when you see it), but perhaps im just being very picky there.

So yeah, in the end, it’s a win/win for the apes story-wise and cinematic-wise. Other than the cons I just mentioned before, this is a very solid enjoyable movie. and it left me wanting to see the next part of how the apes will eventually take over which is awesome since I thought the whole idea was pretty bizarre to begin with.

I give it an 8.5/10
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Mind-blowing movie, Clem is super cute and the story not bad at all. For those who want something Inception-like (even tho this one went out way before Inception) A good sci-fi movie.

Legend of the Drunken Master (Jackie Chan)

10/10! Great story, great fighting, great drunken moves, an epic jackie chan movie ;) Must watch in ORIGINAL LANGUAGE tho :)

Planet of the Apes (2001)

The story is *not bad*, I didn't find it moving enough. The monkeys were quite realistic oO And the interpretation of the original novel is interesting for those who read it) I realized there was an original 1968 version only after I finished watching this 2001 version.

Soon: Reviews of ET, Alien and Scanners (Shame on me, I didn't watch these classics yet :( )

Im not just saying this (if u knew people that actually know me), but Eternal is my no.1 movie. no joke. funny u mention Inception. cause i never thought of that. but yeah i guess u can say its Inception mixed with a very realistic love story... its shows how relationships really are. none of that "everything works out fine" crap. this movie shows the rawness of relationships in a very artistic way. but i will say, its my favorite movie. not that it means anything. after all... im just a poor mexican =)
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