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Shark Shin Man and Peach Hip Girl - 0/10
this movie is horrible!!!! The DVD cover and the trailer show us a action movie, but not, the action scenes are short, there has only confusing dialogues inside cars. The original manga is nice, have action and sex scenes, but this movie don't!!! :(
Well today I've seen Titanic for the first time and I must say it deserves its ratings and awards, it is really well-thought film and I love the story.

It would be really horrible if something like that happened in real life, but hopefully nothing like that happens in near future.

So far I would give it 9/10 rating because of the popular reason that Leonardo could have just sit on the flowing desk with Rose, but whatever. I'll rewatch it soon.
someone is a little behind.... :lol:
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
adabo wrote:
I'll rewatch it soon.

I always thought of Titanic as "That movie that's really great and everyone is going to buy the VHS but never rewatch it" xD

Source: I watched it on the cinema and bought the VHS. Never watched it again. I remember it too much.
I always wondering why she/they never looks out for a second swimming door :D
I've watched Hobbit 1 and 2 yesterday (I know, a very productive day ;p) . Hobbit 1, a solid 8, Hobbit 2 6,5. Only because of the river scene, with the dwarf in the barrel taking out orcs whilst rolling in it for 100 meters...
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