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Perhaps the best known Gaki no Tsukai episodes are those dealing with batsu games, or punishment games, in which one or more of the cast members are subjected to after losing bets, major competition, or physical challenges
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Isn't the batsu discussion thread for that? I only come to this one because I want to get news about the project and check if better raw files appear. (This year there's only one video in Nyaatorrents, it's weird :S Last year there were a lot of them from different sources)
Knudow wrote:
Isn't the batsu discussion thread for that?

Oh you're right! I almost forgot because it got bumped off the top topics. Thank you. :bow:

By the way, new update on their Facebook:
Part 1 Coming Tonight! Can we get ‪#‎TeamGaki‬ trending on FB and Twitter

EDIT: Part 1 is out!
Can someone upload this on Dailymotion? I'm sorry, but I don't have a pretty good Laptop, and I can't watch big resolution videos on it. The streaming of the first part on Team Gaki's page, was incredibly slow, I don't if it was because of my Internet connection or the resolution of the video. Sorry for the troubles, and thank you in advance :bow:
I had problems with the video too. It was choppy and would regularly stop for small periods of time.

Several people who commented on Team Gaki had similar problems.
Can someone provide torrent file for the first part? I'm getting 60-90 KB/s download speed. That's pretty slow and it will take about 2-3 hours to download.
P.S. Found another way to watch it :)
To download, click on the download link for Part 1 on the Team Gaki site, there will be a redirect page that has a link that says wait 5 sec or click here, before it redirects you, right click on that link and save the file.

If you guys want to run your raw translations past me before you begin subbing, I'll be happy to take a look and do corrections. I'm a pro proofer IRL.

Small point - was rewatching the EDF batsu and the scaling effect you used when some of the Japanese subs were changing size looks bad. Do as previous subbers do and just leave it at one size, or it starts to look like an 80s video game :P
how many parts will be released?

thanks a bunch for the good work!
Could someone from Team Gaki update us on why Part 2 (minutes 20-30) is progressing slower than all of Part 3 and most of Part 4?

Thanks in advance.
Typesoshee perhaps has real life issues at the moment, be patient it will get done.

Or is waiting on the typesetting to be done.

Either way there is no time frame to get all this done in, we should be happy it is getting done :)
I swear sometimes people come on here and act so ungrateful for the work the translation team is doing. Who cares that they're taking time out of their life to do this for donations at best. This is a service to us non-Japanese speaking fans so we can enjoy the show. Stop nagging them on how "long" its taking them and be patient, and appreciative of the end product...


Had to get that out.
Dynasty wrote:
Could someone from Team Gaki update us on why Part 2 (minutes 20-30) is progressing slower than all of Part 3 and most of Part 4?

Originally Rich (methecooldude, admin/host of the site) was listed on the status page doing typesetting for the last section of Part 2. But evidently something came up, so Hinnerk has taken over typesetting for them, therefore the delay. When typesetting is done, translation can begin. A member of Team Gaki responded here: ... suffering/

Also a post on Facebook 9th Jan said:
"In other news, Part 2 *should* be this week"
But I wouldn't hold them to it as evidently there has been other things come up since then.

Personally I won't be watching until all parts are done and I don't expect that until sometime in Spring (earlier will be a bonus). That way, like the Japanese, I just simply wait roughly a year between batsus (Spring - Spring vs New Years - New Years) instead of in stops and starts.
Dynasty wrote:
Could someone from Team Gaki update us on why Part 2 (minutes 20-30) is progressing slower than all of Part 3 and most of Part 4?

Thanks in advance.

The Part 2 should be comming this week.
Seems we could get Part 2 and 3 together :)
I'm not sure if the new subbing status page is a good or a bad thing for me :P It's nice knowing how thing are progressing but the closer a batch gets to being finished the more impatient I get since I KNOW I'll be getting some goody goodies soon.

Just kidding, keep up the great work!
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