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Perhaps the best known Gaki no Tsukai episodes are those dealing with batsu games, or punishment games, in which one or more of the cast members are subjected to after losing bets, major competition, or physical challenges
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We've been asked a fair few times if we are translating the Batsu Game this year and when we are expecting releases so...
This year, we WILL be translating the Batsu Game again. So far, we have a team as follows:
Alex- Boss/King/President/CEO of Gaki. Also, typesetter.
Richard- Techno-god, making sure servers are running smoothly.
James- Proofreader
Sacro/Hinnerk/Inugami/Brad(newbie!)- Typesetting/Timing
TofuPanda/Mickstar- Translating
We are still waiting on confirmation from a few others, and if you would like to typeset/translate, please comment below your previous experience! More helpers means the earlier the releases!!
We can never be sure when we will release videos as certain people will be busy at different times. Alex is busier, Richard and James have new jobs, Mickstar has exams in January (uni) and will be in Japan until the 4th January!
What we can promise though is that we will try and do it quickly and that the quality of our videos will be awesome.
Hope this clears up some of the questions you may have had!
Cheers guys!
Team Gaki
Thanks Mickstar, good to know! We appreciate you guys trying despite how busy you all are in your lives these days. I do hope more translators see this post and can offer some time to pitch in. Every little helps, if you're a translator but you're not sure if you'll have a lot of time or you're not fluent yet, contact Team Gaki anyway. Even if you can only translate 15 minutes or can only do a rough draft translation of 15 minutes for more fluent folks like Mickstar and TofuPandaSubs to check over, you'd be helping enormously!
From Jan, it's the start of a new semester for me so I'll have a few weeks from the start of January to pitch in a little with timing while simultaneously working on small portions of the translations but my vocabulary is very limited so it'd be best if I begin working halfway through while the more proficient translators work from the beginning(so that the releases become a lot faster towards the end of the show). PM me if there are any particular details and such that I should be aware of.

I don't have a lot of experience but I've dabbled a lot on aegisubs and am now proficient in it, I worked on the recent gaki weeping competition... did 98% of the timing + 60% of the translations with tofupandasubs and solari(another fellow site member) who helped finish it....Familiarity with the aegisub software and having a general understanding of the language, I know the cuttoff points which makes things a lot easier and faster for me in regards to timing.
Just one thing, don't never feel under pressure and tak your time to check some misspellings in the subs so you can avoid releasing a v2 of the subs like you did with the EDF batsu. Greatly appreciated the effort of translating this Batsu. Cheers. :)
I am willing to help with doing some translation for this. :)

I wasn't confident enough to volunteer last year...
However, I passed jlpt n1, and have practiced a bit on aegisub this year, so I feel more confident now. I have also gotten more used to the spoken Japanese on variety shows, although I still cannot catch what they are saying sometimes(especially when they speak over each other..or mumbling their words..)
Totally different from the classroom

That is awesome, we could do with some more translators. Can you give me your skype username?
Hi mickstar,
I have not used skype for a very long time, so I just created a new account. The username is solar_333.
If you still need translators, I think I will try helping out this year. I have never done this before, and although I hold a degree in Japanese, not be able to use it in real life really made it rusty overtimes.

In the meantime, I will be glad to do the live translation for this year's batsu game.
Really appreciate the time you guys spend on the subs, can't wait for the new one
I'm not quite fluent, but I'd be willing to help out for some rough translations. :)
I'd be more than glad to help if I had any knowledge in japanese launguage. :(
OneWingTS wrote:
I hold a degree in Japanese,.
That is really cool! if I may ask, did you major in Japanese??
Looking forward to your great work as always guys!

I may get to donate also this year which is a bonus :)
Tiny tip:

Make sure someone saves the chat log between commercials with the rough on-air translation on a word document. That might help afterwards.

Best wishes ;)
Any links on the stream yet? Or maybe everyone watch it on NIJI and get a rough translation on another place? I mean if its possible =P
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