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Perhaps the best known Gaki no Tsukai episodes are those dealing with batsu games, or punishment games, in which one or more of the cast members are subjected to after losing bets, major competition, or physical challenges
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Hello guys, I was alarmed and had to create my account here on the forums because of what Matsumoto said in this year's batsu game, "This is a good turning point, i would like to end the series here" can anyone tell what he really meant there? Is the prison batsu really the last one and they won't make another one next year or is this the last one Matsumoto's going to participate into and he won't participate the batsu game next year? Thank you guys :)
PenRob wrote:
Re: Official Batsu 2015 Discussion Thread

Nobody really knows yet, it was maybe meant as a joke, but there can be some truth to it.

Nobody, literally nobody can tell you now if they will continue or not.
It's a running gag for Matsumoto. In previous years he's also said boy band Arashi should take over for him, then he said the "juniors" should take over for him (meaning Housei and Cocorico who aren't much younger than him). So I wouldn't take it too seriously until there's an actual announcement that isn't in the context of the show. Matsumoto gets let off from the tag game each year it comes up so they'll probably just accommodate the cast in ways like that. As adabo said, just gotta wait and see.
Is there a smaller torrent than the 10GB for 2015? Thanks.
Here we are agin!
last year, Prison batsu game was spotted on 11 november.
How long before japanese peoples spot the Firemen Batsu Game bus?
andylau-fr wrote:
How long before japanese peoples spot the Firemen Batsu Game bus?
lol You really want them to do Firemen!

They should be filming it around now. So should get something soon, Some ideas i had for this years are No Laughting Jedi Batsu. They are padawans and Fujiwara as there Jedi Master! Could happen as they often do Star Wars gags in the Batsu. And with the new Movie it would be good timing for ratings.

Or No Laughting Movie Men. They are working on a movie lot. Gasu Studios!
Yeah I think after November 10~11 we'll hopefully see some leaks. But hey, we already know it's gonna be firemen right? ;)

Movie lot would be a fun theme, lots of crazy parodies they could do with that.
In the past it was kinda easy to guess or call the upcoming setting... but since EDF and with Prison... those were literally unexpected and makes it even harder to think about it.
Sure the Passionate Teacher, was kinda off.. they should have named it something like "Back to the Past" and put them into a time traveler suit instead.

The most named ones are still Fireman & Army

I am sure, they will keep the Bus at start and also a the second rest room setup, if needed or if possible.
The don't get sacred part, will stay anyway.

But we will never really know, until it is out.. Maybe they actually surprise all with a totally new way.
If we go based on the most Popular Jobs atm there....

police officer
salaried worker
civil service

Highlight the red ones, which would work for them perfectly, also for famous cameo..
Totally can see them in a Actor School/Uni setup or general Movie related, such as Hollywood, just the Japanese version.

same with being lawyer... chono appears as judge
since they are also doing alot food related.. chef would be a good setting too for them.
I don't think so for politics. It is rare that politics get parodied or brought into Japanese comedy...
Mecha-ike tried to parody the STAP cells saga lady(they showed in preview) but got stopped before the episode aired(so the parody remain unaired). Gintama parodied the Nonomura crying guy, and it caused a bit of a stir.

The Passionate Teacher one parodies all the y'know "passionate teacher" J-dramas from Class 3-B Kinpachi-sensei to GTO and etc :D Their outfits are based on Kinpachi-sensei's teacher outfit, and I think there was a sequence which parodied Kinpachi-sensei's opening.
I guess the time travel part is because they managed to get permission to film there at Nikko Edo-mura.
I saw that on Twitter:

Maybe an hint?


[edit] Oh okay I saw the 2015/2016 theme, so I think it's not related at all, sorry :p
iveinsomnia wrote:
I saw that on Twitter:

Maybe an hint?


[edit] Oh okay I saw the 2015/2016 theme, so I think it's not related at all, sorry :p

Don't worry. Don't be so sorry. I'm sure that at a certain point of the special they will mention his persona, whether in the storytelling part, some video or some trap in the drawers, so I'm pretty sure Hamada Bamyu Bamyu will be featured in the show somehow ]:)
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