Airport Batsu Re-sync 720p

Keep a tab on INCOMPLETED subtitle progress here
A little thread, for all those, who're eagerly awaiting the synced subfiles. Of course all the thanks goes to the subbing team, without them the files here wouldn't even exist!

RAW, UNTRANSLATED version [1280x720] (HD, 720p) ===source===> viewtopic.php?f=9&t=3340
Subfile : Depositfiles

RAW, UNTRANSLATED version [1280x720] (HD, 720p, 60fps) ===source===> viewtopic.php?f=9&t=3340
Subfile : download/file.php?id=29 (re-synch by natsilane)

HD (720p) Version - 5.6 GB - 3 Parts ===source===> Torrent
Subfile : Mediafire (re-synch by uberberben)

Demonoid Torrent 2,5gb with Subfiles(ZuruiVersion) ===source===> Demonoid Torrent (ZuruiTeam?)

Hope this clears some things up.
who can sync the subs with this 8gb 720p raw
furransu wrote:
who can sync the subs with this 8gb 720p raw

Attached is a zip file with the subtitles synced to the 8gb 720p raw. It looks like this raw has the very last in-studio segment where the cast talks cut off. I've left the subtitles that come after that in the .ass file in case it's just my copy that's corrupt. There were also small bits of corruption in the video stream that I had to sync around. I'm assuming my copy wasn't corrupt and that it's just how the video was made, but if it was just my copy that was corrupt then these will probably be useless.
Thank you guys :-)!
Can someone reupload the subs for
HD (720p) Version - 5.6 GB - 3 Parts
thank you very much.
Yay! Ty natsilane!
You Sir, is a one bad.ass uploader.Thank you for posting and thank you for everyone who make the subs. :clap: