Anyone have/know this Team Fight?

I think it had to do with the teams throwing a ball up into like a plinko-type game, and in the end, it might punish or tag another person of another team or something. I remember a backboard being possibly green. I DO remember them throwing something onto something high though. I saw this team fight on youtube sometime back. I know there are 20 here, but I KNOW there are many others. (I also saw one where they attached themselves onto a waterwheel for example) ... so, does anyone know or have this particular one, or the other set?
Have you tried all the 20 episodes with no luck?
And if you know there are more than those, can you give us a pointer - where to look for them? :)
Oh, I KNOW there is more. There used to be videos on youtube labeled with weird numbers like "34-6-1" and such at the end of the title to them. They were posted in Japanese. I am honestly surprised they aren't here, because I KNOW I saw them. I don't remember the one specifically I want, but like I said, I remember one with a waterwheel. They would jump onto a color or something, and I remember Itao doing it, lol. What other team fights do I remember.... Uhhh. Those two.... might be the only two I actually VAGUELY remember. I am 100% sure it was team fight though. I was marathoning them that one night, and loved the plinko-like one. I thought it had to do with baseball...

ACTUALLY, I think it did. I think they threw a ball into this plinko-like thing, and it would land in a TYPE of pitch that would be shot out, and whatever pitch is shot out, they would have to hit. I THINK that's how it worked.
Well, since I love Team Fight, I will surely look into it and try to find rest. Hopefully we can start by tracking down the total number of episodes, so we know how many are missing. I'm sure that if I can find one, I will find more as well, as it usually works that way.

Let's just hope me, or someone else, will actually find it. It would be really worth it, as those series are pure blast! Anyway, thanks for pointing out the missing episodes :)
No problem. I didn't know there was only 20 known ones. I hope SOMEONE finds them definitely though. If I ever come across them on youtube again, I will post them.
May have been a possible 52.

Not sure if this was the account that posted the ones I saw a while back, but it's a page dedicated to Team Fight, and there's 52 deleted videos:
Oh my, so much I haven't seen then! Well, let's try to find those :)
Awesome. :) .... Good luck. I hope you can find them. D: