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Knight Scoop 2018.12.31 Year-end SP
探偵! ナイトスクープ 年忘れファン感謝祭2018!zFU2RQxb
Knight Scoop 2018-12-31 Year-end SP [720p60].zip
Knight Scoop 2018.12.14
1.『72歳の最強アームレスラー!?』 探偵/たむらけんじ
2.『湯が溢れない不思議な温泉』 探偵/橋本 直
3.『ゴールド免許を取り返して』 探偵/石田 靖!bZdBUaBA
Knight Scoop 2018-12-14 [720p60].zip
Knight Scoop 2018.12.21
1.『異母兄弟の右山と左山』 探偵/田村 裕
2.『マライア・キャリーになりたい母』 探偵/澤部 佑!uIln3YKB
Knight Scoop 2018-12-21 [720p60].zip
goromod wrote:
ErnieYoung wrote:
It is aired in my region one week late. :(

If you don't mind sharing, where in Japan do you live Ernie? I might be going there at the end of the year, if I happen to be there and if it's okay with you, maybe I can buy you a drink.

I think he's from Yamaguchi. His profile used to say so, and I know the channels where he records the shows.

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