run for money 逃走中 (Toso-chu) 2015.11.29

Rfm_151129_Toso-chu Oedo Heroes [720p].zip
Thanks, Ernie.
Thanks alot Ernie.
Does sento-chu and toso-chu show come out like once every 2 month?
Thanks a lot for the video Ernie!
greator wrote:
Does sento-chu and toso-chu show come out like once every 2 month?

Both titles air as a 2 or 3 hour special every season(around once every 3 months)
Thanks Ernie!
I hope you don't mind, Ernie, but I took the liberty of reuploading this file, because it now has English subtitles. They're included in the folder, along with the .ttf font used for historical characters.!ELZAVQaI

The password to the zip folder is the shared last name of a Gaki member and a member of the comedy group "Ungirls".

Hardsubbed stream available as well:
(Other parts in the video description)
sorry, but what is the uncrypt key for the video file ?
Download the zip file, the decryption key is inside.
Oups, sorry, my mistake.
I thought that there was the sub file in the zip. read too fast for my mind...
thank you.
Wow thanks a lot xrahmx. Now I know what I'm gonna do this evening :D
Just watched this and

Too bad that the AKB girl got caught right when she was going to win it. I kinda have a thing for AKB

Anyways, this was insanely great and I had a very good time watching this. Thanks again to xrahmx. The subbers should be posting their stuff on here. I don't get why this forum has been abandoned.