This week, Hamada registered on Instagram, yes, is really him, not a fake, Ogawa Natsumi (his wife) follows him and liked a lot of his pics that's Hamada with his juniors. So I decided to put their SNS IDs here. Fine for who speak japanese, that's not my case, I use to read using the translators of Instagram or Twitter, it helps me a little.

Hamada: @hamachankyuzitsu (almost 10.000 followers on 3 days!)
Housei: @houhouhouhou21 (very active)
Endo: @shozoen (you don't need to speak Japanese, he just put hashtags on the description of the pics)

*You can find Endo's elder daughter, Iroha, Instagram on his followers, Endo likes all of her pics (kawaii :l: ), but the most interesting is that she shows her face.

Matsumoto: @matsu_bouzu
Housei: @tukiteihousei
Endo have a Twitter, but he abandoned it, so I don't put the ID here.

And nope! Tanaka don't have any SNS :( but since Hamada, that also hadn't any SNS a from long time ago, signed on Instagram, everything is possible...
If you have other Gaki semi regular member SNS ID, found Tanaka at any social media, or something like Matsumoto's Instagram, put it here.