Matsumoto's hair??

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iirc he always shaved it because he was worried about germs and stuff? So why did he suddenly grow hair? I know it's been years now but I've had this question and never saw anyone say anything about it.. I even used the search function on this forum on it a few times. What happened, why? I was out of the Gaki loop for awhile but I saw stuff via Ameagari's Miyasako's Twitter and was very surprised..
I think it was maybe HEY! HEY! HEY! 20th Anniversary Special where he said that he was getting gray spots and therefore started dying his hair blond. Then others made Beat Takeshi references because the two now looked alike. I guess the reason why he doesn't shave his hair anymore is because he'd have to do it every day so the gray spots wouldn't stand out. It's just easier with slightly longer.
Sounds fair enough to me, thanks! XD
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