Vinny from Vinesauce showed off GnT on his stream.

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I'm quite a fan of the Videogame Streaming group 'Vinesauce' but to see Gaki shown off by one of my favourite Vinesauce members, Vinny, really made me feel good inside.
Also a Vinesauce fan here! I've been a regular viewer of the streamers well over a year now. Gaki is definitely up their ally and it's nice to see it get a little exposure thanks to Vinny.
Another Vinesauce viewer reporting in. I've been watching Vinny's streams on and off for many years. Ever since I saw the link to the stream on /v/ of all places. It was back when only a Livestream was a thing, before Twitch even existed and there was like 50 viewers tops on a good day.

Anyway, it's nice to see the overlap between the fanbases like this.
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