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Finally! Tofu Panda Website + Announcement

Posted: 30.05.2015, 22:46
by Otviss
Hey there! Good news first. Oh, hang on a minute. I've only got good news!

After a long time of having a "Website coming soon" status on the website front. We have finally set up a simple page for us to provide direct information to fans, without having to keep track on all the social media we are member of. This doesn't mean we will be unactive there. It justs means, now we can gather all such information in to one place.

Our website:

One of the good features is that you will be able to see our subbing progress all the way from "Started" to "Final editing" so you don't have to sit around waiting for a status update from us.
You can also make sub requests directly to our email if you want to.

Which brings me to my next topic. Our second announcement. We will be subbing Matsumoto's 44th Birthday! Yahoo! This is an episode i've wanted to see translated for a long time having seen this video being one of the few, perhaps the only source of us knowing it exists! Anyway, we finally had a talk in the team and this is on our list now. We will of course be focusing on our current projects for now which means i won't be able to give you an exact date on when we will start with this. You are better off following us on facebook or twitter for future updates like that!

Third announcement! Kiki Green tea is fully Typesetted and Translated and will be released next week, Can't say which day yet but when it's released you will definitely notice!
Visit our website for some nice screenshots.

And I'll actually leave it at that. Go ahead and bookmark

And don't forget to support us by visiting our Facebook and Twitter


Re: Finally! Tofu Panda Website + Announcement

Posted: 30.05.2015, 23:18
by soudou
Awesome, more Kiki is always welcome! :bow:
Best of luck with your other projects. :rock: