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A friend told me that Tanaka of Cocorico is married to a model? Is that true? And if so...Tanaka ftw.
Here's some info I found for you:

小日向 しえ (Sie Kohinata - Stage Name)
田中しょうこ (Real Name)

A Japanese actress, talent and singer. At the age of 15 she met a production president through her father and made her debut as a model in 『装苑』. After working as a model in the women's magazines 『Olive』 and 『an・an』, she became an actress appearing in films, television dramas and variety shows.
Produced 6 singles as a singer published by Victor Entertainment since 1997 and possibly a future album.
Married Tanaka Naoki of Cocorico who they co-starred with on the Fuji TV variety show "Cocorico Miracle Type". Now the mother of two boys.
Info Source: http://detail.chiebukuro.yahoo.co.jp/qa ... 1399422738

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sie_kohinata
She was in this year's Batsu :hai:
Doesn't really look like a model. Still, very pretty. Especially given how Tanaka looks like! :D
Tanaka is a good and smart guy. don't need to be Johnny Depp to get good pretty woman, just be a good husband like Tanaka. 8)
Sure, sure! I'm just saying :)
Yes, he is married to a model called Shie Kohinata. She is also a bassist, a singer, an actress and a seiyuu. Her real name is Shouko, her friends call her as Shie-chan or Shieko. Shie started to work with 15 years in 1994, she was basically a gravure idol, appeared in a lot of magazines like Olive. In 1997 she started her singer carrer. Shie recorded an mini album and 7 singles. She has appeared in some commercials. Later she acted in a (terrible) movie. As seiyuu she worked in Trava Fist Planet, Michiko to Hatchin, Oden Kun and Ganbare! Oden Kun. Last year she was appeared in Hug Mug magazine covers (in this year she was replaced by Ellie Toyota). Now she is the vocalist and bassist of a starting (probably rock) girl band called nelca. Some japanese people consider Shie Kohinata the most beautiful of gaki no tsukai regular members wives
Tanaka's wife as appeared in 2 no laughing batsu games, in 2013 as a student and in 2014 in her first son video. She is really beautiful and talented (and tall as her husband).

Tanaka and Shie are married since 2003 and they have 2 child (the second have his b'day 2 days before Tanaka's), their marriage was a bit curious because, according Shie, they hadn't a dating before marry, Tanaka never kissed his wife, hold her hand, or other dating things. They acted together at Cocorico Miracle Type, sometimes Tanaka and Shie acted as lovers (they acted in an episode which they was marrying). Tanaka and Shie actually work together as seiyuu of the anime Ganbare! Oden Kun (years ago they at Oden Kun anime too). In Shie's first appearance, Tanaka was very surprised and delighted with his wife. It's so cute :inlove:
Did you know that Ogawa Natsumi (Hamada's wife) invited Tanaka and Shie to her new years party? (Yes, Tanaka uses glasses and Shie was with bowl hair)

I hope helped you
Woah, so much information!
Well, it help me alot. Nice to meet you JuriTanaka :bow: :bow: Btw, can I bother you with a question?? What is the name od the terrible movie?? I kind of like terrible japanese movies, so it will be nice to watch it. Thank you for your time and for the info, is really appreciated :bow: :bow: Btw, I like your Ranger avatar
It's funny because she appeared on 2 batsus while Yamasaki's wife only barely made an apperiance on the EDF Batsu (Not showing her face). Same goes to Matsumoto's wife and Chiaki (Endo's ex wife).
I always wondered how Yamasaki's wife looks. :^)

It seems she has been featured at least in two motion pictures:

·Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl (1998) based on a manga by Minetaro Mochizuki, author of the shocking Dragon Head.
·Cutie Honey (2004) based on a classic manga by legend Gô Nagai, creator of the super robot (Mazinger Z) and ecchi genres.

For the record, according to Tanaka's behavior in the show, it seems he has some kind of fetish with models :D For instance, he can mention many of them whose name is written in katakana almost effortless, and sure some might remember the Yin-Lin (swimsuit model) trap in Yugawara.
I remember!! He was really nervious at that time :rofl: :rofl: Thanks for the movie titles Atreyu-Tiger!! I will check the out right now :bow:
VideogameDC wrote:
It's funny because she appeared on 2 batsus while Yamasaki's wife only barely made an apperiance on the EDF Batsu (Not showing her face). Same goes to Matsumoto's wife and Chiaki (Endo's ex wife).
I always wondered how Yamasaki's wife looks. :^)

Is Yamasaki with the same woman in the short wedding the clip when he was crying. Her face was blurred.(goodbye yamazaki)
Yeah, seems like her. Wonder why is her face censored or never shown at all.

no clue...it might relate to japan's strange censorship laws. I am guessing in North America you sign a release form for public video footage or else your face will be censored . something along those lines.
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