2013/14 Batsu game aftermath(Spoiler)

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First, a Big thank you for Kazanki and Kyon for their stream. Afterwards I heard ducktoaster was streaming as well so big thank you to him/her too.

I think this year's Batsu game was a pretty good one since maybe Hotel IMO. It was fast pace ended with Chono's slap and Endo's whole family in the first 30 mins!

Trickwise I think they put more thoughts into it rather than the yearly routine. Hosei`s and Tanaka's kid's video was great as they never did anything like that before. I admit I was ;( as well! I think the M1 monster is going to be on their online site pretty soon!

I really enjoyed this year Batsu as they find at least some new tricks to show us. We still have the usual routine "Don't get scare" without much changes/thoughts but I am satisfied with this one!

What's your favourite moment on this Batsu? Mine is the salt favour Daifu. That was awesome in so many ways. With one step change, we wouldn't see this hilarious ending.
Yeah the sweat salt bit was absolutely incredible. The staff knew that they always watch the DVDs after opening all the drawers, so their prank was succesful.
Despite the lack of subs, I was able to stay up all night and laugh my ass off. I teared up a bit while the kids wrote letters and Enya played in the background. I thought it was unfair to punish Tanaka while he was still bawling, but those are the rules.
I wonder how the producers knew that Endou would eat the daifuku. I think they had a backup plan which is why there was a second, identical meeting room at Fuji Speedway (at least that's how I understood it). Since the gag worked the first time, the producers could have removed the offending items (a sweat-infused tea perhaps, or a baumkuchen once used as a body sponge) and the explanatory video while the team was in transit. Either way, the team was bound to be duped.
I think that this batsu was better than last year. My first laugh came when the old dude was trying to dance to Little Richard, but at first scoffed at the idea. Reminded me of my inlaws. I liked that Matsumoto was not exempt from punishment due to his injury. I wish there was a bit more onigokko, but this should last me a year.
I thought it was hilarious when Tanaka got punished while crying. I mean, he wasn't crying because of something sad so it wasn't in bad taste to punish him then.
I have to say the DVD for Tanaka trick was my favorite even though it was so cruel.

I honestly teared up because I'm a sucker for dad and son relationship stuff. But like when his son said "Tanaka Thai Kick," it was funny but also confusing because you're hit with mixed emotions and Tanaka is at a super vulnerable state of emotion and they just pile it on. It was so mean yet such a good twist.

The last time a twist as good as that was the Tanaka OUT Angel song from Hotel Batsu.