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What a fantastic thread and community. Had a look through the posts and couldn't see any mention, any ideas on the electric guitar track that starts at 2:14:48 on the Hotel Man Batsu Game? Will let you know if i find out myself.
Hi MrLongbaugh:

I watch the Hotelman Batsu game at the time you gave, but i not found the song. At the time you gave i have the "Po Channel" with Heipo :rofl: Maybe the versions of video are wrong, or maybe the time. If you could be more specific, in what segment did you hear it. Maybe i can help. Cheers
oops sorry I meant for part2. Thanks for taking a look it's appreciated :)
MrLongbaugh wrote:
oops sorry I meant for part2. Thanks for taking a look it's appreciated :)

Ok, i just check it out. I thought you mean the ending song, but no. You mean before Suga-san came out with the lion head :rofl: Sorry pal, that one i don't know. Wish you can find it soon. Gomen :bow:
No problem, appreciate you taking a look :)
Here's a bonus for the Unofficial GnT Album Project: the English language version of "Dschinghis Khan" by the group of the same name (renamed "Genghis Khan"):

(Video of the song set to the group's performance of the song in the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest) ... _Khan.html
(the song pitch-corrected to match the version currently available in the GnT Project)
The name of the soundtrack in No Laughing in Yugawara (2004) when Yinling appears [playtime is 00:30:25] is Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield

Celebrating the new Batsu Game, I give you...


Size: 781 mb
Server: MEGA

The folder contains soundtrack from:

- No-Laughing Hospital
- No-Laughing Hotelman
- No-Laughing Inn Spa
- No-Laughing Highschool
- No-Laughing Spy
- No-Laughing Enthusiastic Teachers
- No-Laughing Newspaper
- 24 Hrs Tag
- Vladibostok Batsu Game
- No-Laughing Police
- Gaki no Tsukai (2011.06.05) Personally Special Song Drive
- No Reaction Pie Hell
- No Laughing Airport

And a Bonus Track folder with many of the songs from the show, sound effects, and more surprises

Here is the link!Bx1CwRQb!XTrldXioX-tNsDuIFMu2jzTLkf0IoirxQ-WvvzoJ5oY

Enjoy!! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
in spy batsu when they show how long they been doing the batsu game and the cutscene says its 11:30 (2 and a half hour after the batsu start) theres a guitar lick from a song called man for all season-robbie williams (OST johnny english)
I'm so lazy to look through all the pages on this thread, so does anybody know if there are the soundtracks for the 2011, 2012 and 2013 batsus? :D

This is a joke...right?? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Look one post above yours
Some songs that are not in my compilation
Egashira 2:50 music video :rofl:

And from Matsumoto and Eri video!! They always make fun of this song by Kuwata Kensuke (I remember one of the Ogiri Daigassen too) :rofl: :rofl:

I don't know if this song is somewhere in this thread, but it isn't in Arlekin's compilation, so I uploaded it.

2011 - No Laughing Airport
It sounds at around 6:35 and then again at around 8:55, before and after they change clothes.

It's from the dorama "At Home Dad". It's called "右往左往"!6g00WSTZ!9pmPe5r50 ... pWJ2YvoaJ4

I like how they use music from doramas on japanese tv shows. I suppose they are on the same network so they have the rights to use them.
Knudow, the dorama you mentioned where that song comes from is called ''At Home Dad'', and it's from Fuji TV, not from NTV (The house of Gaki). Maybe they got the artist of the song or the record label to use the song with no problems.

Kawaii~'re right. This isn't in my compilation. I actually pay more attention to the full and more recognizable songs in my compilation. So, thanks pal!! If you find more songs that aren't in my folder, just share it here :clap: :clap:
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