Akan Keisatsu Tousou CHUU Parody video request

Features Downtown’s Masatoshi Hamada as police chief and Hitoshi Matsumoto as commissioner, in charge of detectives played by various guest comedians. The detectives investigate hilariously absurd cases, such as reports of a “washing machine making sounds like moaning.” Ideas for the cases are generally submitted by the show’s viewers

I am asking the kind people here if they have seen or know which episode is the Tousou Chuu parody of the 'Run for Money Tousouchuu' game show. I have been really into that show and saw on tvtroopes that Downtown decided to swap out the hunters for cross dressers and run around and have fun :lol: . I would love see for myself. If you have any idea please let me know. Thank You :bow:
Thank You soo much... I only have watched 1 episode so far. It is funnier than i imagined... the memeber from Pi-su looked absolutely frightened... and i haven't even seen running backs in the nfl run and juke as hard as he did, and still get run down. :rofl: