Bakushou! Dainippon Akan Keisatsu #24 - 2011.12.11

Features Downtown’s Masatoshi Hamada as police chief and Hitoshi Matsumoto as commissioner, in charge of detectives played by various guest comedians. The detectives investigate hilariously absurd cases, such as reports of a “washing machine making sounds like moaning.” Ideas for the cases are generally submitted by the show’s viewers
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I was waiting for the new episode! You've made my day! :D
thank you for this!

no new eps for 2012 yet?
Nope, nothing yet.
oh ok, thanks for the reply! I've come to really love this show and was going crazy looking for new eps at youku :$
It's no prob, just glad you like the show. Don't worry about the episodes, I will keep the episodes up to date.
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