[Complete] No-Laughing in Yugawara (2004)

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can u pls upload the complete sub via filesonic.com? megaupload had been blocked in my country and there seems to be no other for me to get the complete sub.. :(
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The megaupload link is unavailable as I went to it just now. Is it offline or has it been taken off?
Thank you. :)
Any chance anyone could put the subs on filesonic again, since MegaUpload is dead? Tried the earlier filesonic, but I guess it was deleted.

Would really appreciate it. :)
Now, that's megauploud is offline, someone can please post mirror(s) ?

I already search in all subs links here and don't found . . .

thanks for all helps !

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thanks ! I searched, after posting I saw the post with the mirror! sorry
tnx for the mirror :)
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Could someone email me the sub files? If i get them I'll upload them to my site for others to download. Megaupload got seized by the US government and other upload sites like ul.to are blocked for most countries. I tried downloading them via proxy but found upload.to to require registration (the free download would redirect to register).

Edit: Haven't tested the file yet but i was able to download what looks like the yugawara batsu subs and are also the appropriate file size. Anyone can download it at (may have to right-click and save-as):
OH MY GOD! Thank You!!!

I've been wanting this subbed FOREVER!!! I'm actually going to stay up and watch it even if I really need to sleep!!

100 X :inlove:
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Hi, i was curious if it was possible to remake a link for the subtitles ? since FBI had to close down MU sadly.. so link is inactive :´(
Sorry to bother but do you have another link other than MU now that it's down? :( please help!
Yes please do supply a link as I just got the incomplete subs and the crystal clear xvid and watch only to realize these are big gapping holes!

-- 11.03.2012, 20:07 --


It seems this blog still has a link that has not yet expired to download a .ass file for the show! after searching for a .srt file and getting directed to File Serv where the link had expired I hope this one works ;)
Can someone upload the file again?? megaupload doesnt work anymore... :( and the video on Veoh is not available either.... thanks! :(
Could someone please update the link for the subtitles again?

I do not think that the website is available anymore :( . Thank you so much! :)

-- 14.06.2012, 19:03 --

Having a really hard time to search for the full subtitles :( :( :( :( :(
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