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thanks for the great work! really appreciate it!

huwaa.. huwaa.. huwaa.. :lol:

tq tq tq :D for your hardwork shibata, his wife and alex

thx again :clap:

Thanks a lot, nice work :clap:

Thank you so much for all your hard work! Excellent! :D :D :clap:

thanks to shibata and alex your both do great works
and also thanks to your wife
Thank you, Gracias, Merci........Shibata Rocks......Si señor

Thank you very much for you and your wife, thanks for the hard work and keep it plzz

thank you again

thanks again shibata, keep up the good work! :clap:

i love you man....
not like the love between a man and a woman,
but the love between the man an a fine cuban cigar. :)

thanks again for the excellent work. right now you are raising the gaki revolution along with the other fine subbers on this here forum.

Keep it up! :clap:

Thanks you Shibata and his wife and Alex. also thanks to this lovely forum too. now I can transfer to my PS3 so I can watch this with my family, Oh wait I need to get some popcorn. :clap: :D

Thank you very much, Mr. Shibata and Alex!

You guys are AWESOME!!!! Thank you sooo much!


Thank you very much! :flowers:

Thanks very much!
Havent watched the streaming videos and was waiting for the subs desperately. Now i can finally watch the fun all in one go in HD :clap:
94 posts