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Ay everyone~

Posted: 21.04.2016, 22:28
by jiyunkun
Hey, everyone. I'm Jun, 24yo, from Brazil. I've found this site after watching some Batsu Games and...OH WELL...I can't stop watching them D:

Anyways, I also came here to watch another segments of them and maybe translate the english subs to Brazilian Portuguese :D

Well, that's it~

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu~

Re: Ay everyone~

Posted: 23.04.2016, 11:40
by soudou
Heya, welcome. You're in for a lot of fun watching all the Gaki content that's out there. Have fun. :rock:

Re: Ay everyone~

Posted: 27.04.2016, 13:45
by Otviss
Hey Jun!

Welcome, this is only the beginning!

Have fun.


Re: Ay everyone~

Posted: 30.04.2016, 11:36
by solari

Re: Ay everyone~

Posted: 19.06.2016, 19:08
by zwerks
Dousou Yoroushku~