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Hi, just found this board after searching for a translation, looking forward to being here! :rofl:
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Thanks. I fell in love with Gaki No Tsukai only a couple of weeks ago when I saw it somewhere on the internet. Now I can't get enough! I'm finding it's helping me learn Japanese too. :D
Wow, four years since I logged in. I guess I forgot about this place! Well, hello again, anyway! :D
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Thanks! Why does Yamachan get called Hosei now?
bulbie wrote:
Thanks! Why does Yamachan get called Hosei now?

He studied to be a rakugo (comic storyteller) between 2008 - 2013 and after graduating he took on the title of his teacher, Tsukitei Happo, as a professional family name. So officially he's called Tsukitei Housei, but people tend to call him Housei, I'm not altogether certain why, I just guess it's because there's a few different Tsukitei's in the industry (e.g. Happo's son and fellow rakugo, Tsukitei Hachimitsu).

Due to their familiarity he lets Downtown still habitually call him Yama-chan / Yamasaki, but to everyone else he's Housei or Tsukitei Housei.