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Hello there~

I'm BlahC, which is a letter/word play I made up long ago, as "Blaze" is always taken as a nickname on most sites.

I've become a fan of those crazy people not too long ago. I watched the library thing a few years back but never followed it with further google-ing, but by chance I watched the Wall of Boxes game about a month ago and really loved it. Research got me a huge torrent of batsu games and while watching that (instead of working on my game project), I got more and more interested in Downtown, Cocorico and the unfunny guy. Now I am desperate for new episodes of anything really and appreciate the work they are doing. German TV, in comparison, is just horrible and needs to be killed with fire. Yea, I'm from Germany, but please, no german talk... :P
Anyways, apart from slacking and watching Gaki No Tsukai stuff whereever I can find it, I am a big Bud Spencer, Monty PYthon and Peter Sellers fan, work on several games in different roles, play all kinds of games and started on a major scifi and fantasy book collection of the alternative kind (no lotr, but Dragonlance and Elric).
I guess I am one of the older members here with 35 (turning another year soon), which does not prevent me from using horrible word plays and right out terrible jokes. Looking forward to spending some time here, it's been a while since I have been active in a forum, so this should be interesting...

Oh and my favourite comedian would be Matsumoto, followed by Endo - the guys who have to suffer the most during the Batsu games - I feel for them :)
Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy it here. Monty Python is epic and Peter Sellers is great. :D
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