Hello, I'm late to the game as usual.

Come introduce yourself and feel at home!
Hello everybody.

Greetings from WAY WAY too close to Washington D.C.
I joined this site back in 2011, then due to real life(sigh) I totally forgot about this wonderful place until just recently. Unfortunately, I think that I am late to the game. I due enjoy watching the Downtown crew and their usual hyjinks. I have been a fan of them since 2006 when I had my satellite company give me the Japanese channels to watch. Lately I have been trying to watch some of the old(not really) videos that are here but since megaupload was taken down by the "communists(US Gov.)" I have not been able to download a lot of the episodes I would like to watch.

But whatever. To all the uploaders, Keep doing what you do!! if it wasn't for you guys, I would have probably gone out and gotten a life by now.

Thanks for reading

Welcome to the forum, hope you're gonna have fun ;)
I get all kinds of russian, serb, german, american and chinese channels on my TV, but Japansese TV, i don't get none of that.