Forgot tv show name "drama + tins/wash tube"

Need help about/finding a video? Title of an episode? Name of a cast? Got a question about any GnT episodes? Post your inquiries here!
Hi All

I don't know why I always forgot the name of this "serie/act".
But it is a japanese show, where people are acting out a serious
drama. During the time they are acting out the scenes, heavy tins/buckets/wash tubes
are getting dropped on their heads. Usually there is a counter on the left side of the
screen over how many has been dropped on each actor.

One particular is where a guy dressed as a dog gets a huge wash tube on his head
in the end.

Hmm, a man dressed as a dog acting in a serious drama.... I'll get back to you on that.

I will write it down so I don't forget again :)
Thanks Jhive! I was going to go with Inai Inai Ba! a.k.a. Peekaboo! Next stop, your site.

I don't think Mecha did the "dog" episode, do you guys know what "no reaction drama" is in
japanese so I can search around for it?
On JHive's site, the bottom banner says Noo Riakushiion. Google says Mu han no, but that's not really reliable. If you want kanji, then it's 反応 for reaction.

の れアクシオン might work too, but it's slightly different than what is on the ticker at JHive's site.
In katakana, it's ノーリアクション ドラマ("no reaction drama").

Besides this 'A million basins'(2002-09-14), there are three more No reaction short dramas by Mecha-ike.

These three are interconnected and titled 春よ来い ("Haruyo, koi"), though I don't think the story is related to 'A million basins'. It's probably a parody of some drama. I've watched these some time back while marathoning mecha-ike and think this may be what you're looking for. They are acting out the serious drama while ignoring the tubs from above, and there's a counter, though on the right side, and someone dressed as a dog at the end of 1 and 2. Each 'episode' is around 20 mins long.
1998-04-25 (1. Father's retirement)
1998-09-12 (2. Father in hospital)
2000-09-09 (3. Father's smile)

These can be found in the huge Mecha-ike torrent.

Wow solari, you are a legend.

It was indeed:
1998-09-12 (2. Father in hospital)

Thanks a million