How to Download Videos from Youku, Pandora etc.

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Can download a HD file from Youku without VIP Membership. It'll be in parts but you can use a joiner like Andy's FLV Joiner to make it 1 file (Note: It might not accept Japanese characters I think, so you'll have to rename the parts).
After you install and run JDownloader there's two tabs "Download" and "Link Grabber".
- Just copy a video page link and it'll automatically show up on the Link Grabber after a moment (if not you can manually Add Url).
- Then you can either:
* Click the Play button to download everything in the Link Grabber list.
* Right click on just one link and select "Continue with this".
* Right click a package/batch name e.g. "HD (8)" and select to Continue.
It'll then move your choice to the Download window. I think by default it downloads it to your "Downloads" folder on Windows.

Note: Most videos on Youku are now "Only available in China" so JDownloader won't grab the video link for downloading. Here is a method you can use to bypass the link-grabbing block:

You can also use a site called WantYoutube. Just copy the Youku link onto the website, approve/allow it to Run the browser action. Once its finished loading, pick "Super High Quality" (if available). Then you can copy the individual links it gives you for the HD parts. JDownloader will recognise the links (you may need to add .flv to the end of the filenames it downloads however since it seems to treat them as just Unknown Files).
Thanks GodzillaRadio for the WantYoutube tip!

Handy for Youku since it both downloads and merges the separate video segments. It'll grab up to "High Quality" without a premium Youku account login. Good enough if you don't need HD for something.
At the top of the site next to the XMLBAr logo is a Language selector for others than English e.g. French etc.
Works for Tudou even if it says the video is only available in China.

1) Download Xmlbar Video Downloader and Install it.
2) To keep things tidy I reccomend clicking the little Options tab at the bottom to make sure the following is ticked and click OK:
"Automatically remove individual segment files after they are joined"
3) Paste the video page link into the URL box and click the Download button.
By default it'll download to C:\downloads\flv but this can be changed by clicking the Browse button and picking a different folder.

SaveForm (solution for DailyMotion)
Thanks goes to AnonGakiJunkie258 viewtopic.php?f=72&p=41717&sid=066388689e1a005b4b37baf65daf56cf#p41717

FlashGet + Vid-DL
Method for Pandora and possibly other video sites.
http://jburogu-godzillaradio.blogspot.c ... ra-tv.html

Internet Download Manager
Using the browser addon feature, it can download videos with a single click from Pandora, FC2 plus many other video sites and also splits up the download to be faster (not free).

KeepVid (No Install Required)
With sites like these you can simply paste the link and get a download link.
List of supported sites are listed in the FAQ on the site (e.g. Dailymotion, Veoh etc. as of this post).

FLVCD (No Install Required)
Further down the page it has a list of logos which might be the video sites it supports.
Some info on a method to use it for Youku by rich8606:
viewtopic.php?f=13&p=38920#p38920 (No Install Required)
List of supported sites on the "Lade von überall runter" Liste link. See post by Arlekin here for the link and to thank them!

Safari Browser (for single video file sites rather than split-up ones like Youku, Dailymotion etc.)
See post by rich8606 here for the method and to thank them!
viewtopic.php?f=64&t=4667#p38860 Downloader
Youku have their own software for downloading videos from their site (not English supported I think). Posted by Spikebender here:

Orbit Downloader
A possible free alternative some mention for download managers like JDownloader and InternetDownloadManager. Not sure of the supported sites.

FlashVideoDownloader (No Install Required, Browser Addon Also Available)

WantYoutube (No Install Required)
Despite the name it supports other sites than Youtube.

Browser Addons
Theres lots of addons that can grab videos which may work with certain video sites. Some for Firefox include UnPlug, FlashGot, , DownloadHelper etc. But there are also many for other browsers so check the addon / plugin directory for your browser.

Veoh Downloader
Veoh has its own download feature.
Install the Veoh Web Player:
Then click the orange button bottom right of the video for "Download original video".

See posts below for more downloading methods!

Where to find episodes to download
On a related note here are Japanese video directory sites you can use to find videos for various Japanese shows on Youku, Pandora, FC2, Dailymotion, Veoh, Tudou etc. (in addition to just using the search on each respective site of course). You will need to know the Japanese title for the show however then use the little search box on the page (usually on the left or right column near the top). For example to search for Gaki no Tsukai use ガキの使い
Well, here is my contribute;

In this site, you just paste the url from the video, and click in "Runterladen". That's it. Not install nothing. It's very good and fast. Here:

Well, this is how I've been ripping videos of the internet in the past 8 years...


- Download the Apple Safari browser
- Browse the video page
- Click play
- Open the activity window (Ctrl+Alt+A in Windows, Cmd+Alt+A in Mac)
- Scroll to the video file (.flv/.mp4/etc): Image
- Ctrl+double click / Cmd+ double click it to automatically download the video file, you can save it anywhere, or:
- Ctrl+c / Cmd+c to copy the video link, and paste it in whatever download manager you have for extra speed.
- Once the download starts, you can close the video page.

I used a Mac laptop from 2005-2009, and I've never change browser ever since. I use Windows 7 on my Acer now, I still use Apple Safari. Safari's activity window lets you download anything just by ctrl+ double clicking the link, not just videos: Flash games, mp3 files, etc. Anything that's embedded in a page and it shows in the activity window, just ctrl+ double click it, its yours.
Thanks for the contributions.

I realised you can grab HD (of sorts depending on the max res the uploader uses) from Youku using JDownloader (I'd only been using XMLBar for Youku so didnt know). I've edited the bit for JDownloader with instructions on how to do that and join the segments. If anyone knows a better software than Andy's FLV Joiner for joining let us know. :)
XMLBar is still very good and convenient if you just want High Quality and don't need High Definition though since it both downloads and merges in one go.
Thank you soudou! Moved this thread to "Troubleshooting & Help"; our tutorials go here. Also sticky'd for convenience. ;)
JordansOcarina wrote:
Thank you soudou! Moved this thread to "Troubleshooting & Help"; our tutorials go here. Also sticky'd for convenience. ;)

Thank you. At the time I wasnt sure if that was just for Site Help so I'm glad its been put in the most appropriate section. Also thank you very much for the sticky!
I forgot that Youku splits their video files into smaller files, like Dailymotion and Youtube these days. The Safari browser method probably isn't the best for this kind of sites, as the activity window will display hundreds of split video files, you can download them but then you will have to find a separate video editing program to re-render combine them into one file.

Youku and Dailymotion videos are always split, but Youtube randomizes the streaming method depending on your bandwidth and cache at any given time (I think), so sometimes Youtube will load the video in full (One huge .flv/.mp4 file) or if your internet is slow or your cache is almost full, Youtube automatically splits the video into 10 second long sections (A lot of 1.7MB/2.3MB .flv/.mp4 files). However you can force Youtube to load the video as one file, by quitting Safari, emptying the cache and history, reloading the page, sometimes even changing the video resolution and back will do it (Just select and reselect 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p or 1080p). This only works with Youtube, not in Youku or Dailymotion

If you have to download from Youku, the best way to download these split files from Youku is with the FLVCD website:

You can go to the FLVCD site directly to use it, but there's a much faster way:

- Copy the Youku video url you want to download, should be something like:
- Add “xia” between “v.”and “youku”in the video link,so now it should be:
- Press enter, and you will be directly taken to FLVCD site and the split video file links should be displayed as a list. Like this:
- If you see (超清解析模式)under the list, that means there's a high quality version of this video, click (超清解析模式)and you'll be taken to another page with the list of the high quality video files:
- If you see the red words at the top, that means you're in the high quality video download page
- Whichever video quality you choose, right click on each links of the list and download the files in order, or copy each links and use your download manager.
- This method only works with Youku, not any other sites.

I got this method from this guy:
Thanks rich8606, added a link/note to your post under the FLVCD bit in the first post.
Hi there,
I got some problems with the videos on PandoraTV when using JDownloader. When I copy the pandora link (Ex: ... d=48036463, this is also the one I want to download) then click the button Add URL(s) to add it to JDownloader, it shows me that:
JDownloader has not found anything on ... d=48036463
JD will now load this page to look for further links.

How can I do in this case to be able to download this HD file from the site?
Please try with the link and help me, thank you in advance :inlove:
To be honest I don't seem to be able to get JDownloader to work with many Pandora links. It should auto-recognise when you copy a Pandora link in your web browser even without having to manually add it. I think it was working for me like that before (it still does it with Youku etc.) but maybe the creators have to update it or something.

I've been using other methods for Pandora instead listed in this thread. But I don't know a way of getting HD from Pandora without membership like with Youku, sorry. :(
Hi there, this is kinda offtopic, a lil question for Mr. Soudou ^^=== Hi there, me again ^^. I have a question for you. I presume you use xmblar alot. Are you a vip member, and if you are, is it safe to pay them via paypal, AND is it worth it? That's all ^^ thanks in advance
Hiya. I use XMLBar if I am not fussed about getting something off Youku in HD and just grab the HQ version, since its more convenient for me to use than JDownloader (since it both downloads and merges files in one go, it also loads up faster for me personally). But if I want something in HD (which requires VIP membership) I use JDownloader, it gives the option to select the HD version and you can use a video joiner to merge the parts like Andy's FLV Joiner or Free Video Joiner. I don't have VIP membership on Youku, sorry.
Awwwww shitsickles ;/...I've been very pleased with JD, but lately I get those awful black screens that say: Only viewable in china, or something...JD doesn't download those, but xm ametalk and londonh are quickly locked by the uploader, and JD doesn't dl those either...but xm does download, SO, I was wondering if u were vip...damn...guess I'll have to try and see if some jerk sucks all of my money ^^ thanks anyways soudou-san ^^
Ah I see. Yeah I do find XMLBar handy for those "Only in China" videos, like with, everything there is only available in China (Tudou quality sucks but some videos could only be found there). Youku seems a popular site so hopefully it'll be OK. Best of luck.

I just came across a video that was only available in China on Youku and came across that problem where JDownloader refuses to recognise it. I remembered GodZillaRadio reccomended a site called WantYoutube for downloading HD from Youku so I tried it out and it works. You just copy the Youku link onto the website, approve it to Run the Java or whatever, then pick "Super High Quality". Then you can copy the individual links it gives you for the HD parts. JDownloader will recognise the links.
Thanks GodzillaRadio! :)
Ok, how about if the youku video is marked private or something? Like you need to be friends with the uploader to view that particular video. Does anyone know of a solution that works then, 'cause none of these do. Thanks in advance!