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When the livestream ended, we were commenting on the chat that it would be nice to have a thread to comment about our impressions, thoughts, favorite moments, etc about the batsu. I looked for a created topic but I couldn't find one, so I hope it's ok if I create it. (I know there is a no laughing airport information thread, but I think this is not information but rather just to comment about the game :o )

Spoiler alert here
My thoughts... well there were some really hilarious moments for me, like the appearence of the whole Endou family (and the return of Chiaki and shin onii), Downtown's dolls, Hamada's drawings, Matsumoto's peeing time (reminded me of his batsu), the zombie attack, and also, the random moment when Hamada started to push Matsumoto in the chair, it was priceless. But I couldn't help to find it a bit predictable, miss Konya ga yamada and crave for more friendly fire :p
About the theme..., well I honestly hoped they would actually interact more within a plane, but I think the terrorist attack fitted well

Don't get me wrong, the crew makes a big effort to make the 5 laugh and some recurring jokes are funny precisely because they are recurring... it's great to see the 5 together in action, but I think it would be nice if at least sometimes they returned to making bets so a part of the team (leaded by Matsu or Hamada) loose and the winners can take over control to make them suffer hehe

What do you think? :D
Konya ga yamada!!
Konya ga yamada!!
My opinion? For what it's worth.
I sure do agree about the bets. Seeing all five is funny, but one person (especially if it's Hamada) controlling the action, is priceless. With that...

They can skip the roundtable. It goes on way too long for me. At least shorten it to one story per member.
They need more relatives. Instant Out on family walking in.
They need more with the drawers and more time with them just sitting around with props. The mealtimes and games are hilarious. I missed that this year.
They need more discussion with the five guys back in studio (after and before commercials). I always got the biggest kick out of those.

Mostly, they need to sell a set of action figures. All five. At a price that is not going to bust my kids' college fund!!!!
This year's Chono Slap had an easy setup with YamaZAki trying to lie his way out with IMASAKI HOSE. That was priceless. And his escape attempts and blame game.
Matsumoto demonstrating how he has to pee in his condition was fabulous.
The roundtables are funny but, they take up a good 40 minutes. I mean, they ARE trying to accommodate every subtype of viewer and fill up time.
Endou's family was perhaps the best OMG moment, especially when Endou's mother read her letter to him.
Sadly, no Claudia, just one mention of her in a Umemiya segment.

I prefer if they do it like as a team. But, without having a punisher and punishees, it's not as exciting. I mean, team efforts allow greater traps to overall cast, but less hits.
Ahh, indeed, the round tables... I hardly laugh once or twice there, I completely agree with you there tadsgirl.

And yes! I missed Claudia too, djaffer!

Well, I must say, my favorite moments in the batsu's generally involve them trying to make eachother laugh. I think Hamada's super sadism in highschool and shikoku were simply priceless XD
Konya ga yamada!!
I loved the batsu game but there are still things bugging me, Endo didn't open his drawers, and we didn't get to see the second dvd, the round table took waaaay too long and why the hell do they put shows on the scary segments
The producers have to edit about 19 hours of footage down to about 5 hours to fit into the time available for the special. Thus many things were left out (Endo opening his drawers, the second DVD, and probably a bunch of other bits with more cameos). As has happened in the past, we'll probably have a couple Gaki episodes later this year that show some of this "unseen footage". I bet Claudia is in one of those bits that were edited out. I also bet there was a second Jimmy Onishi video. I wonder if Maeda Bibari made an appearance.

I enjoy the roundtable discussions, but until they're subtitled I'm not able to follow it at all; it feels like it goes on forever since it's all talking with little else to provide context in understanding what is being talked about. I can't wait to see that subbed.

I completely lost it during the hand towel group arm wrestling match. Without subtitles that was the funniest part of the game for me.

I like that they learned their lesson with last year's short fuse on the ass cotton and brought out an overly-long fuse this year.

I was disappointed we didn't get to see more of Itao Itsuji.

I hope next year all five are healthy and can fully participate in the batsu game.
lorik wrote:
I loved the batsu game but there are still things bugging me, Endo didn't open his drawers, and we didn't get to see the second dvd, the round table took waaaay too long and why the hell do they put shows on the scary segments

It feels like they're running out of ideas with it being very similar to the last few but I still laughed my ass off. I noticed the missing bits too but on the upside there's a 2hr (1hr and a bit without ads) special on the 13th (oooo Friday....). Seems like there was a lot left on the cutting room floor.
The simple word "aftermath" means spoilers, so I guess only people who have seen the show will enter here in order to share their thoughts.

I have just seen the whole batsu, and now I can give my opinion. Expectations were really high (they always are when you deal with a batsu game) but once again, there are plenty of questions unanswered.

·They don't interact with an actual plane nor with any kind of aircraft in the whole game. No "cabin", no plane, no sense at all. An old aircraft or something that it won't be used that frequently could be used for the occasion. Put the crappy plane in a secondary hangar or track, put some set-ups and make them hop in. It's not that difficult. I'm not asking for a takeoff.

·Could someone explain to me what's going on with Matsumoto's strange health condition?? Yes, the same one that allows him to receive 302 buttslaps but forbids him to climb up small staircases. Honestly, I don't understand.

·I love Itao's short, simple and hilarious appearances... but not so short this time, c'mon.

·Jimmy's part was WAY better than last year. However, the phone routine is getting repetitive. I miss him as a vet in Hospital, or as a criminal in Police... those kind of appearances.

·To say the truth, I fastforwarded the round table and looked for commercials instead. I prefer to see it translated. Some of the stories are hilarious and others are annoyingly boring. At first, back in News I hated this part. Now I think (especially this year) it's way too long.

·Hamada's manga drawings were SUPERB. It would have been perfect if they had been recycled into set-ups afterwards the same way they did with the vintage picture cards.

·Out of the overall buttslaps, there's a huge percentage of "Zein OUT". So great.

·Taking Deluxe out of the bus into that surprising role was an excellent idea.

In comparison with last year's batsu:
Neither Spy nor Airport are 24 hours. It was great when they slept together, with a couple of night traps, and then some weird behavior early in the morning. Graduation and a final roll. Now there's just Fujiwara stepping into the room and saying: "Congratulations. Game Over". A bit lame. The game starts up really well, but they get to the real airport at 4 PM during the sunset. Spy had a slower intro, and then they spent quite a while with different activities. Horror part was really funny, but I wish it was longer. Spy's horror length was great. Chiaki's comeback was good, and it was a surprise to see Kozo Takeda, the eternal fighter who has appeared in many fighting bouts... most of them defeats. I wish it was Kohiruimaki, Musashi, Masato... or even Buakaw, but it was fine. Talking about comebacks, finally Egashira is making something funny. It's also strange to see horror mangaka Kazuo Umezu so involved with the show... and talking about shows, Show-hei is fantastic :)

A lot of things could be made at the airport: luggage claim hall, police checking for suspicious stuff, customs, boarding, making the safety instructions, serving the food or the duty free objects, control tower, firefighters... and many other things to do. It was funnier than last year, but I'm wondering why is it called "airport" at all.
I still haven't finished watching this years one, but I'll give my thoughts on it so far.

As people have stated above, and the general thought of most people here, I think it's getting a bit into a routine. I know taking risks on a winning formula is not something that's likely to happen, but I agree when people suggest things like mixing up the Onishi videos and having a member in charge of it all.

Having said that I still laughed a lot in this video, especially at the manga drawings which had me in tears.

I think the reason why a lot of people don't get the round table thing is that it's hard to understand for foreign people, whereas for people who watch the show 3 times a week and can follow the stories properly, it will be more entertaining. I've never been able to get into them either though so no comment there.
I forgot to mention I love that they changed the dynamic a bit by adding the ero pictures of the members simply brilliant.

The drawings were amazing, they should've done one of each member though.

atreyu_tiger wrote:
I wish it was Kohiruimaki, Musashi, Masato... or even Buakaw, but it was fine.

Come on now, you don't want to kill them, I would love to see Buakaw on a batsu though, also I though it was a little obvious that the gaki team would recieve the Thai kicks.
atreyu_tiger wrote:
Could someone explain to me what's going on with Matsumoto's strange health condition?? Yes, the same one that allows him to receive 302 buttslaps but forbids him to climb up small staircases. Honestly, I don't understand.

Even Matsumoto himself was saying that the guys carry him around were unnecessary, which = some laughs because of his awkward kind of face and appearance.

atreyu_tiger wrote:
It's also strange to see horror mangaka Kazuo Umezu so involved with the show

That bit was very cringe worthy.....
Che, Che,Che, Check it out!
Got a question, in the Gaki no Tsukai episode airing the week before the new year special, Tom Cruise was on it, I got the impression he was going to be in the batsu game, but I saw no Tom Cruise?

So either I misunderstood that whole thing, or they cut him out for later episodes. Can someone clarify here?
atreyu_tiger wrote:
·Could someone explain to me what's going on with Matsumoto's strange health condition?? Yes, the same one that allows him to receive 302 buttslaps but forbids him to climb up small staircases. Honestly, I don't understand.

From what I understand, he had a stress/hairline fracture (presumably in either his leg or his foot, I missed that.) So: Putting too much weight on it = No, whereas butt slaps = yes. Athletes get them a lot, and as we've all noticed, Matsumoto has taken to working out (which was amusingly addressed in the FNS27 episode of Akan Keisatsu.)

On the whole, I enjoyed this year's program. It was a good mix of old favourites and new ideas. I wasn't sure if they'd pull off the Chouno slap at first, but it was quite hilarious. :D And honestly, one of my favourite parts was the Hamada/Tanaka team during the Don't be Frightened part. Something I've missed since the Newspaper batsu was when they broke up into teams.
As with Spy last year, I could NOT wait for the translations, and have just finished the 5 hour YouTube marathon without the benefit of any subtitles.

First impressions ? Well without the subtitles, and only knowing about 3 words of Japanese, the visual humor is ALWAYS going to be more enjoyable. The "endurance" style challenges with the 3 buckets of hot wax, the washing machine eating challenges, and the guys failing to hold in the gas were all hilarious.

Good they didn't drag the bus routine out too long this year, in previous years it seemed they spent longer on the bus than at the actual venue. Matsuko Deluxe was great as always, wherever you put him/her, a 38 stone transvestite with violent mood swings is always good for laughs.

It was nice to see a Matsumoto doll this year, but I think the gag had already run it's course last year ... they couldn't wait to hide the dolls away in the drawers again, as they had nothing original to do with them. In general the desk items needed more air time ... in previous years one of the funniest things is 4 of them setting up the other 1 when he's nipped out to the toilet ... hiding a picture in a drawer, resetting a trap etc ... seems this year, they cut all toilet breaks, all food breaks and all the times when the 5 of them get to interact and play tricks on each other. Endos desk and the 2nd CD were never mentioned ... although I had a feeling before the 1st CD had even started playing, it was going to be Tanaka getting a Thai Kick at the end, and probably after the 2nd also.

Whatever happened to them ganging up on Hamada and leaving him with no food ? The amount of laughs you can get from one pork bun or sausage is way more than seeing X guest star doing something he's not normally associated with (for the hundredth guest star in a row).

The round table you could have cut out entirely for me, I didn't find it funny last year (ever with the benefit of subtitles), I guess part of it comes from not following the weekly shows and being "in" on all the latest gossip and scandals, so the references are lost on me (and probably on everyone else watching it in future).

MORE Jimmy, please more Jimmy ... the phone routine never gets old, but I miss the previous classics like him chewing on the pigs teats or interviewing the guy about boats. Poor old Heipo barely got a look in this year, had he been in the freezer the whole time ? I guess we'll never find out.

Not to mention the guys are all getting older ... you can't expect those fresh faced guys from 2000 who competed in 24 hour tag to still be doing the same routine 12 years later. But it does seem to be running out of steam a little in recent years ... too much focus on the guest stars, and not enough on the 5. But still entertaining, and like all the batsus, you never get everything in a single viewing. Being able to watch it again in a couple of months, complete with subtitles, and I'll probably appreciate it a whole lot more.
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