I found a show Yamasaki was on a few times where they do a survey derby like what they did in one of the 24hr Batsus, where they go around asking members of the public who they would vote against. Except this show focuses on just kids comments (judging by the reactions, they're pretty blunt :rofl: ). It seems other Gaki members appeared on this show since Endo is in the 091106 episode but noone picked him to go up against in the survey derby in that episode (the show name is ホンネの殿堂!!紳助にはわかるまいっ ).

Even if just notes in a forum post it'd be cool to know what they are saying and what Yamasaki is saying in responce if anything. They all have on-screen Japanese subtitles for whats being said if that makes any difference with translating. Many many thanks to anyone who can help at all! I've clipped just the rounds and upped them to Youtube or here is a ZIP file with them all in:

090925 Round 1

090925 Round 2

091106 Round

100319 Round 1

100319 Round 2

100319 Round 3

100820 Round 1

100820 Round 2

100820 Round 3