Matsumoto Sports Challenge #6 - Fire Limbo

Has Matsumoto finally bitten off more than he can chew? He trusts his friends to complete a round of limbo that is on fire without injury, but even the other members think that’s insane. ... fire-limbo

Blog post has both a streaming and download link. :)
Awesome, thanks for your continued efforts to finally get the rest of this fun series subbed. :bow:
Just when I ran out of stuff to watch. Great timing! :rock:
really really appreciate ya'lls time n efforts on the subbing lately. :clap: :rock: :clap: :rock:
Watching this always makes me feel like "this is what offline trolling used to be".

These episodes are just so great. It's "shitposting" on the highest level converted into a really great episode of GnT.

You just feel like "what the hell am I watching" the whole freaking time. Freaking genious lol. 10 Stars out of 10.
You say potato, I say potahto. You say it's offline trolling and shitposting, I say it's a satire of rigid, strict hierarchy in society and dysfunctional, autocratic superiors in an employment setting. :geek:
Thank for your hard work. :clap:

I was very scared about Matsumoto safety at the last, see how they throw him into the dangerous wild flame of the hell.
He almost burned himself.

Wow! Thank you very much!
Wow this is amazing. All this time(years) waiting for someone to sub this episodes. Thank you very much my friend! :bow: