New Lincoln SP (?)

Hosted by Downtown, it features seven other owarai geinin (comedians) in its regular cast, and has several recurring younger, more inexperienced comedians as guests.
Hi everyone

i found this

and i was wondering if i understood correctly (i don't know japanese and google translate is scary when translating from japanese :lol: ) are they planning a new Lincoln Summer game SP on october or is it a past SP they are showing again?
hope it's a new one loved this show when it was on :rofl:

You are correct, it is a new SP
Thank you for your info.

Official site
I didn't like the trackmeet episodes that much, but at least it's not another No-GPS Rally.
Any sources for the new Lincoln SP, my gf told me it aired last night.
Having problems with Video.FC2?? I downloaded the video for you

480p 554 MB!JoliwZTC!mWw8x0ovIkA306qARtUXvj6rYRNKGSTXG0bTLQ9wp6M

Pass: arlekin
thanks guys, I appreciate it.
LINCOLN 2014.10.08 - Field Day Special!bYVQjI6L
LINCOLN_141008_Field Day
anyone have it in 720?
I wonder why Hotohara got barely any screen time even though he was a regular on Lincoln.
anyone have a Mega link for the 720 or 1080? mediafire is pretty crappy for multiple files (first world problems i know)
In some quick ratings news, the Lincoln SP received a rating of 12.4%, becoming the third most watched program for its night last week (Wednesday) and was also the 6th most watched program on TBS last week.
It's good or they expected better?
Is the SP any good? I haven't got time to watch it or even download it. :(