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[SO,Mega] Summer Games 2002 MatsumotoVSHamada

Posted: 07.11.2009, 03:08
by Axxo
Its Matsumoto VS Hamada and the Morning Musume girls. If this was posted before i'm sorry, but I didnt find it here.

Since the old links went dead, here are new ones


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RE: HEY!HEY!HEY! Summer Games 2002 MatsumotoVSHamada

Posted: 07.11.2009, 03:49
by SpikeBender
Awesome episode. I loved the shaved ice eating competition. Wish we can find the episode before this, where Hamada gets wasted.

Posted: 07.11.2009, 04:13
by Sal
Thank you for sharing Axxo!

Posted: 09.11.2009, 14:40
by Kanzaki
This is just awesome, I loved it. Thanks :D

Posted: 09.11.2009, 22:36
by Ellina.
awsome! thank you so much ^^

RE: HEY!HEY!HEY! Summer Games 2002 MatsumotoVSHamada

Posted: 28.01.2010, 04:20
by MuddyPigg
I could be wrong but the episode you're looking for could be this one.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

It's not subbed.

It's where the whole Gaki crew and someone else (he was the guy who Hamada had to go to New York to get the pencil from)get drunk and re-enact a childrens song;
About a woman who finds a giant peach floating downriver and in it she finds a baby boy who grows up,leaves home and on his travels meets and befriends a few animals who help him defeat some demons.

I think,then again I could way off.
If I'm wrong then i'm sorry.

Posted: 21.04.2010, 00:52
by 52xmaxvash
wow thx , have been looking for these , hq too ^_^

cool guys

Posted: 21.04.2010, 23:28
by fealium
cool findding the source i give you 8 points and another 2 point is................ my connection problem cannot download huhuhuhuhuhuhuh T_T

Posted: 22.04.2010, 02:18
by Hidensetsu
Saw it before, but always nice to have the links ready to go. Thanks for sharing.

Posted: 09.05.2010, 20:13
by Ace
Thank you!!!

Posted: 14.05.2010, 11:23
by mikhail
Thank you Axxo by the way are you the real axxo from darkside?

Posted: 19.05.2010, 16:34
by Axxo
no Im not, we just share the same nick it seems

Posted: 24.06.2010, 08:07
by solidleon
I remember finding that first link on DJ-Waffle's site. Funny vid

Posted: 17.07.2010, 00:19
by lenrasoon
thank you very much! i just watched and it's hilarious =D

Re: [subbed] Summer Games 2002 MatsumotoVSHamada

Posted: 10.01.2011, 04:08
by NicoJFF
nice show, thank you very much, btw i saw some sweet cutties there, specially that lida :inlove: