Matsumoto Bl...job?

Like most other Japanese variety shows, it featured guest interviews and games, but it is best known and remembered for its sketch comedy. Downtown and other cast members would dress in costumes and perform absurd skits with bizarre characters.
Hidensetsu wrote:
I know that. Exactly why I think these videos are the same.

Edit: I'm talking about the "ear cleaning video" and the "bl...job" video.
I think they are the same video.

Zelda wants her Link!;D
"Ear-cleaning" video: ... room#p6612

Thanks for finding this video Chronopolis! Finally I can satisfy my curiosity!


what just happen
omg this thing is disturbing and fucking awesome ._.'
For both videos, I give thanks:D Finally my curiosity is satisfied.
Yes, thanks for both the videos!
@ Chronopolis: Wonderful, you link is the whole scene, as I remember my link was only the plot with Tanaka. Thank you very much for the find - I've looked hard for it to find it again, it was gone for two years.

Here is a link to my (at last realized) MF-Backup, feel free to dl (33MB):
Damn what was it about....actually playing out a blowjob???
...What in the blue hell did I just watch?! O///O Although, I have to say, I did laugh really hard when Matsumoto started hitting his head on the boxes behind him. :rofl: