Episode #1094 2012.02.26 100 Questions Matsumoto Hitoshi 1/2

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File down? Send me a pm!
That was.... fast.
thanks a lot!
I prefer the times where I just had to rip an online stream and was able to post the new episode within 5 minutes of airing ;)
File down? Send me a pm!
Hmm... How do you proceed now? I mean, it hasn't been over 12 hours yet since it was broadcasted, has it?
Atm I have to wait for the upload / youkus HD conversion. It can take anywhere from 11pm until 5am my time before I can start with my part of the process.
File down? Send me a pm!
I'd like to think that hand uses wizardry to these episodes so don't ruin it also some type of episodes and the court ones need some attention after kiki is done
Omg, thanks a bunch! I like to shake that 'hand' 1000x and toss some ^5 too! Bravo! :clap:
I can't wait to hear the rest of the questions and see who's the winner! How exciting and wonderful :lol:
Anyway I'll write down some of the Q/A below. Some might not be accurate, so please do correct me if I'm wrong. Some questions also I didn't include because unfortunately I can't read Kanji.

1. Matsumoto's latest "my boom" , answer "Muscle Tray" (Perhaps it's a fitness gear but I'm not so sure about what this my boom referring to, so I need some expert to confirm this)
2. Matsumoto's complex , answer academic background
5. Favorite pasta, answer Meat Sauce
8. If he can only bring 1 item for comfort/ to a quite place, answer nothing
10. What time he sleep , answer 2am
11. What time wake up, 10am
14. Lately his favorite young comedian , answer Jaru Jaru
16. Favorite breast size cup, answer D
17. Matsumoto prototype personality , answer Ino tadataka (I'm not so sure about this)
20. His no 1 fav movie , answer Paper Moon
21. Today how much money he bring, answer 180k
24. Between 4 of gaki member who is the most old fashion, answer Yamazaki
27. How many times Matsumoto can do that pull up body exercise , answer 25x
30. Things he lack of, answer none (because he's not willing to answer it)
37. His habit, answer shaking foot
39. What does he do in his free time, answer ridding train/bus aimlessly in random destination
47. Attractive women underwear, answer Beige
48. The cutest innocent side of his daughter, answer when she purttt her lips

Added info :
At couple of questions where Matsumoto answer is none thats because he refuse to answer imaginary questions. Of couse others were protesting about his comment. Also Yamazaki seem to forget about many things that could have gotten him the right answer. The rest of the members also seem to consider Yamazaki is the closest person to Matsumoto. Things he seem to be 100% sure also endup false. 1 answer Hamada copied from him endup wrong till he got smacked. Tanaka seems to remember alot and have quite some correct answers. When the comentator says "who is the true person who know most" they show a glimps of Tanaka. In the other hand Matsumoto's answers seem to be surprising to others.

That's all the questions for part 1 minus few ones. Hope this help. Again if I made mistake, plz stand and correct me. I'm looking forward to improve my Japanese :D
on mac os x, with the unarchiver, says "cannot unzip this kind of file". Weird?!
cactusa wrote:
on mac os x, with the unarchiver, says "cannot unzip this kind of file". Weird?!

It opened for me on the mac I tried it out on pc and opened as well
Thank you so much Hand and TeaVilla!
Konya ga yamada!!
Thanks Hand for the file
Hand TeaVilla for the translation
You guys rock :)
I like this series, but I find it a little difficult when it's unsubbed. I'll watch it right now though because he said his favourite movie was Paper Moon. He's a real film connoisseur.

Well, that was a bust. I couldn't add the two files together. QTime kept telling me error 2048: Cannot understand file. Could it be because parts one and two are named using two different dates?
I've just checked the files and it's working for me without a problem. I also don't see the files having 2 different dates.
File down? Send me a pm!
Yup, I see what I did... There are Parts 1 and 2, but 4 files altogether. I was trying to mash file 1 from Feb. 26 with file 2 from March 4. It was a late night. Sorry everyone.
TeaVilla wrote:

1. Matsumoto's latest "my boom" , answer "Muscle Tray" (Perhaps it's a fitness gear but I'm not so sure about what this my boom referring to, so I need some expert to confirm this)

I am no expert but i was watching this episode and noticed your anwser was a little off. The anwser to the questions was (kintore)きんトレ which means weight training (kin=muscle and tore=short for training).
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