Shoji Murakami - not quitting yet!! #1027 (2010.10.24)

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Image ... 969XAhF7na


Part 1 100mb
Part 2 100mb
Part 3 100mb
Part 4 71mb
(Note: you will have to Download all 4 parts to gain the Full Video and have them placed at the same place/folder, before you can extract them)

Full Video 371mb

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PW for rar: gakinotsukai

edit : sorry it's works now.
Thanks for upload ;)
updated episode title. (should be now the correct translation),
ill redo veoh soon.
That would be nice. :)

Veoh deleted it so fast? Or was it uploaded some time ago?
Sorry for my bad english. Please correct my writing if it's wrong.
it was deleted after some hours on the same day i uploaded it, along with my Trivia Drive epi's which were on veoh more than a week..

-- 14.11.2010, 16:08 --

re uploaded on veoh
I have to admit that ur topic is the best in this section because u give a direct links online or for download which will be enough for all the ppl.

And sry if I say something not good but Veoh site is #@!. U got what I mean.
veoh is just secondary, (i know some cant watch it etc, but if u let me know a alternative stream site, not youtube or dailymotion. i am willing to upload it there. The reason why veoh because it wont be really removed)

The most are wanting and seeking MU, which is primary where i put it on first.
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need subs pls ;'(
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