Shoji Murakami - not quitting yet!! #1027 (2010.10.24)


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Part 1 100mb
Part 2 100mb
Part 3 100mb
Part 4 71mb
(Note: you will have to Download all 4 parts to gain the Full Video and have them placed at the same place/folder, before you can extract them)

Full Video 371mb

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PW for rar: gakinotsukai

edit : sorry it's works now.
Thanks for upload ;)
updated episode title. (should be now the correct translation),
ill redo veoh soon.
That would be nice. :)

Veoh deleted it so fast? Or was it uploaded some time ago?
it was deleted after some hours on the same day i uploaded it, along with my Trivia Drive epi's which were on veoh more than a week..

-- 14.11.2010, 16:08 --

re uploaded on veoh
I have to admit that ur topic is the best in this section because u give a direct links online or for download which will be enough for all the ppl.

And sry if I say something not good but Veoh site is #@!. U got what I mean.
veoh is just secondary, (i know some cant watch it etc, but if u let me know a alternative stream site, not youtube or dailymotion. i am willing to upload it there. The reason why veoh because it wont be really removed)

The most are wanting and seeking MU, which is primary where i put it on first.
need subs pls ;'(