Play Pirate Game, Get Thai Kick

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In these clips, the Gaki boys plus Ameagari play the little pirate game from the Police Batsu Game. If the pirate is sent flying, the person gets a Thai kick. Enjoy.
This should be put in "Chinko Machine" sub forum, since it's from their formerly annual Ogiri Daigaksen.

Anyway, that sub-forum should change its name to either "Ogiri Daigaksen" or "Gaki Team vs. Tenso Team".

Ohhhhhhhhhhh my goodness, the second game was the most EPIC game I have ever seen! Man, I never knew I'd laugh so hard at this one even while I don't understand most words being said! LOL!

Haha no matter what Macchan tries, he's gonna but thai kicked :D

I loved the replay at the end :D:D

this was soooo perfect. what are the odds. and what a terrible feeling knowing the inevitable Thai kick for Matsumoto.... hahaha!!!!! :lol:
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